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Melissa Gibson
"Welcome To Stay"

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track listing
  • Miles To Go
  • Welcome To Stay
  • No Room For Blue
  • Even For You
  • Table For Two
  • Smoke And Mirrors
  • Shade
  • OK By Me
  • The Right Road
  • The Journey
  • Too Far Away
  • As You Leave
  • Turn Back Now
  • These Woods
  • Sleep Well Tonight

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    Melissa Gibson
    "Welcome To Stay"

    Melissa Gibson becomes the 3rd artist from The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame Series to be reviewed on the WSVNRadio website -- where WSVNRadio continues promoting many Independent Artists' music. Ms. Gibson was featured on The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 6. (The other two artists: Sherreece [Volume 2], and most recently, The Travis Allison Band [Volume 5].)

    Her second release,Welcome To Stay, was sent to WSVNRadio, and it is truly an enjoyable album. Very relaxing and straight-forward, Melissa's music is best described as quote:
    "Influenced by the likes of Mary Chapin Carpenter & Joni Mitchell, Melissa's Country music has an introspective, folky slant to it. Full of capturing melodies and insightful lyrics, she sings about life's triumphs and tribulations and leaves one with a sense of hope. Melissa has an excellent grasp of how to communicate real life emotions to which everyone can relate. Her music is one that crosses lines and barriers."
    From Melissa Gibson's bio page, sent to WSVNRadio.

    All of her songs on Welcome To Stay have a charming glow, enjoyable for any music fan. The suggested tunes "Miles To Go", "Welcome To Stay," "The Journey" and "Sleep Well Tonight" all have the qualities of Melissa Gibson being a sensational folk/country artist in her own right. "No Room For Blue" has a mix of both folk and country. With so many enjoyable songs to choose from for the Hall of Fame Volume 6 CD, WSVNRadio suggested "Even For You," as Ms. Gibson signed for this song to appear. "No Room For Blue" and "Even For You" could easily get airplay on Country stations, as they have a more gentler folk/country sound, where anyone can enjoy.

    "Table For Two" is another great song, with very impressive orchestration; the saxophone is a great standout, likewise her entire band behind her charming voice. "Smoke And Mirrors" definitely has a great country sound, with very pleasant keyboard works and country steel guitar. "Shade" is a beautiful ballad with wonderful gentle harmonies and accoustic guitar. "OK By Me" -- another pleasant ballad -- great vocals, great instrumentation.

    "The Right Road" is traditional folk and country, accoustic guitar folk best describes the suggested tune ballad "The Journey." As enjoyable as the WSVNRadio Volume 6 track "Even For You," "Too Far Away" has the same style, folk and country mixed with great vocals and a great sound. Another beautiful ballad is "As You Leave," and as I was reading Melissa's information she sent, she was compared to the likes of Carole King and Helen Reddy. I would add Anne Murray to this list, as her voice and style does resemble that of Murray's on certain ballad tunes. "Turn Back Now" is another upbeat enjoyable folk mixed with country styled tune, as "These Woods" and the closing tune "Sleep Well Tonight" are beautiful folkish ballads.

    Welcome To Stay will stay on your CD player, enjoyed over and over. Melissa Gibson's style of folk mixed with country will have many fans wanting more. Just as I mentioned on the Travis Allison review, I say the same for Melissa Gibson: Her music is definitely worth listening to, and since Welcome To Stay is her second release, it would be interesting to hear her first album, Lighthouse Paint. Also, thank you, Melissa, for sending your music to WSVNRadio. We are very proud to feature your music, and you (the reader) should too.

    Welcome To Stay and Lighthouse Paint by Melissa Gibson can be found at her website, at:

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    DMX--Flesh Of My Flesh Blood Of My Blood
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