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"The Very Best Of 10cc"

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Year of Release: 1997

track listing
  • Donna
  • Rubber Bullets
  • The Dean And I
  • The Wall Street Shuffle
  • Silly Love
  • Life Is A Minestrone
  • I'm Not In Love
  • Art For Art's Sake
  • I'm Mandy Fly Me
  • The Things We Do
    For Love
  • Good Morning Judge
  • People In Love
  • Dreadlock Holiday
  • For You And I
  • Cry

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    "The Very Best Of 10cc"

    10cc may not be a household name, but 2 of their biggest hits of the 1970s will definitely bring back memories for those who remember them: "I'm Not In Love" and "The Things We Do For Love" were AM staples on the radio, and oldies station formats, yet 10cc's music has been called "art pop," and in listening to their Very Best Of, art pop is easily defined. Another band in that same pop style is Electric Light Orchestra, and a little like another band, Queen.

    The Very Best Of 10cc is a compilation of 15 songs. 14 were from their original releases, and the last one was from two members of the band, were formed their own group by using their last names (Kevin) Godley & (Lol) Creme.

    From their self-titled debut, "Donna" has a 1950s feel, and also can be compared to the Beatles track on Abbey Road, "Oh Darling." The "glitter" sound can be heard on a popular hit, "Rubber Bullets," and as I hear this song, the guitar riffs are similar to that of AC/DC's "Can I Sit Next To You Girl."

    From their second album, Sheet Music: Another glitter-type song is compared to that of T. Rex, on "The Dean And I." There are alot of songs in comparsion to Electric Light Orchestra, such as "The Wall Street Shuffle," and "Art For Art's Sake." (from a later release, How Dare You!) A mix of ELO and Queen is heard on "Silly Love," and "I'm Mandy Fly Me" (from How Dare You!) has the ELO qualities, yet a progressive feel also.

    The pop style is heard from songs from The Original Soundtrack -- "Life Is A Minestrone" is very pop, and the famous "I'm Not In Love" was from this original release.

    The other big hit, "The Things We Do For Love" has the 1970s pop style, likewise "People In Love" is a pop love song, where "Good Morning Judge" has a progressive rock feel, yet also, a southern rock style. These 3 songs were from their album Deceptive Bends.

    Two songs from their last album as 10cc entitled Bloody Tourists: "For You And I" -- a nice pop love song, "Dreadlock Holiday" takes a look at reggae music, and as the lyrics state, "I don't like reggae, oh no." The last song was when Godley & Creme released a post-10cc release, The History Mix (Volume 1).

    The Very Best Of 10cc is a great look at their music, with the popular songs of their day, and it's always interesting in hearing the "art pop" of other songs contained as well. The songwriting of each song is very well crafted, and sure to have the listener listen more of this album. Their original albums are out-of-print on CD, this best-of is a good taste of 10cc's music in general.

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