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Donnie Iris
"Back On The Streets"

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Year of Release: 1980

track listing
  • Ah! Leah!
  • I Can't Hear You
  • Joking
  • Shock Treatment
  • Back On The Streets
  • Agnes
  • You're Only Dreaming
  • She's So Wild
  • Daddy Don't Live
    Here Anymore
  • Too Young To Love

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    Donnie Iris
    "Back On The Streets"

    What would start the 1980s decade, a musical style in its own right -- the New Wave/Pop Music of the 1980s Decade, and from that "wonderful" era came a gentleman who may not be remembered by name, but hearing two of his most well-known hits "Ah! Leah!" and "Love Is Like A Rock" may have some people jogging their memory on one or both of these songs. "Ah! Leah!" is from this week's review, the 1980 original release, "Back On The Streets." "Love Is Like A Rock" would be released one year later in 1981 on Iris' original release King Cool.

    "Ah! Leah!" should need no description, it's one of those songs for those who were around in the beginning of the '80s decade, where this song was a staple on Top 40 Radio. "I Can't Hear You" is an interesting song, where it has the mixes of such groups as Electric Light Orchestra and another popular '80s group, The Greg Kihn Band. "Joking" has the new wave sound, as in The Ramones, and the vocal style resembles ELO. The New Wave style is definitely heard on "Joking," having styles such as David Bowie and The Cars. The title track is a little bit heavier in sound for New Wave, as heard by The Boomtown Rats.

    "Agnes" has the 1980s New Wave/Pop style as heard by The Greg Kihn Band, or even a song that David Bowie could have recorded for his Let's Dance album (later released in 1983), and the harmonies resembles ELO. 1980s Pop/Rock (Greg Kihn/Bowie) best describes "You're Only Dreaming," ELO with a harder edge is heard on "She's So Wild," The 1980s Pop returns with "Daddy Don't Live Here Anymore" (Greg Kihn), and the last song, "Too Young To Love" has a more darker pop sound.

    A new sound was emerging for the 1980s decade, and with predecessors of the Seventies, such as Electric Light Orchestra and David Bowie, it's easy to hear their musical styles in Donnie Iris' music. It would also be compared to other groups that would become popular in the New Wave/Pop '80s decade, such as The Greg Kihn Band, The Cars, and The Boomtown Rats. Back On The Streets is a very good album, and for those who enjoyed the pop and new wave styles of the 1980s, it will also be well-liked to those as well.

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