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Brooks & Dunn

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Year of Release: 1996

track listing
  • Maria
  • A Man This Lonely
  • Why Would I Say
  • Mama Don't Get
    Dressed Up
    For Nothing
  • I Am That Man
  • More Than A Margarita
  • Redneck
    Rhythm And Blues
  • My Love Will
    Follow You
  • One Heartache
    At A Time
  • Tequila Town
  • White Line Casanova

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    Brooks & Dunn

    Kik Brooks & Ronnie Dunn are truly one of my favorite Country acts, as they are rated very highly in my book. Their sound is true Country, compared to many Country acts that have a more pop sound than traditional country. Brooks & Dunn's 4th album of their career, Borderline, is their debut review to appear on WSVNRadio. They would have 9 #1 Country tunes before this release, and they would add 2 more from Borderline. Of course, more albums were released afterwards, and more #1 Country hits followed as well.

    The first #1 would be a remake of a 1970s hit by B.W. Stevenson, "My Maria," a song very popular by B&D, and it's hard to determine this song being better than the original, where both versions are just as exceptional. "A Man This Lonely" is a great mellow ballad, as it became B&D's second #1 Country song from this release. "Why Would I Say Goodbye" is another medium tempo'd song, very enjoyable as "A Man This Lonely." "Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing" is a great honky tonk'er, where the beautiful country ballad returns with "I Am That Man."

    A happy sounding song is "More Than A Margarita," where you could easily imagine this a Jimmy Buffett song, or even Buffett singing along. The rockin'/honky tonkin' "Redneck Rhythm And Blues" has the great sound as another popular B&D hit, "Little Miss Honky Tonk."

    A pattern of soft ballad of one song, honky tonk the other, the nice ballad "My Love Will Follow You" is a very enjoyable tune, the hoppin' "One Heartache At A Time" gets the feet tapping, and "Tequila Town" is a very pleasant and relaxing country ballad. The fast-driving "White Line Casanova" has some exceptional guitar works, and could be a challenge for the country line dancers.

    Any Brooks & Dunn album cannot go wrong. Borderline is Country at it's best, and FINALLY, WSVNRadio is proud to include Brooks & Dunn as part of their album review archives. Brooks & Dunn continued releasing more albums after 1996, and each release, past and present has always been entertaining, and defines Country music at it's finest.

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    Previous Review: #910
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