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Jerry Butler
"Esq./He Will Break Your Heart"

© Vee Jay/Collectables Re Year of Release: 2000

track listing
  • September Song
  • For Your Precious Love
  • Don't Take Your Love
    From Me
  • Come Back My Love
  • If You Let Me
  • The Challenge
  • Chi Town
  • Rainbow Valley
  • I Was Wrong
  • Lost
  • No End Or Time
  • You Do Right Through Me
  • He Will Break Your Heart
  • The Gift Of Love
  • Teardrops From My Eyes
  • Give Me Your Love
  • Have A Good Time
  • A Lonely Soldier
  • Thanks To You
  • Sweet Was The Wine
  • Butterfly
  • After The Laughter
  • The Lights Went Out
  • I Found A Love

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    Jerry Butler
    "Esq./He Will Break Your Heart"

    Jerry Butler was born in Mississippi, but he found his "home" and popularity in Chicago. The Iceman has recorded incredible music, starting out with Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions. Collectables Records, showcasing their many "2 albums on 1 CD" -- two original albums by Butler, Esq. released in 1959, and He Will Break Your Heart in 1960. A very impressive two-fer, this release features great soulful songs and Easy Listening enjoyment.

    From the Esq. release:

    The standard "September Song" has a very Nat King Cole-ish sound, as "For Your Precious Love," having an Easy Listening enjoyment and a soulful ballad as heard from Sam Cooke. Also in the style of Sam Cooke, is the upbeat tune "Don't Take Your Love From Me." "Come Back My Love" has a 1950s R&B style, where a more Easy Listening atmosphere and even a big band sound is heard on "If You Let Me." Another comparison to that is the soulful, yet Frank Sinatra-ish "You Go Right Through Me."

    There are some very impressive soulful ballads from Esq.: "The Challenge" and "No End Or Time." Jackie Wilson soul comes to mind on such songs as "Rainbow Valley" and "Lost." The 1950s/1960s early R&B soul is perfected on "I Was Wrong." And if Sinatra's "My kind of town, Chicago is..." is a favorite to many, you may just want to give Butler's upbeat "Chi Town" a listen. Nat King Cole fans will enjoy this one also.

    From the He Will Break Your Heart release:

    A more soulful approach of the late 1950s/early 1960s is heard throughout this release. Obviously one of Butler's most famous hits is the title track. Many songs compared to the likes of Sam Cooke and/or Jackie Wilson is heard on such tracks as "Sweet Was The Wine" "Butterfly" and "After The Laughter." Easy Listening is another comparison, on upbeat numbers as "Have A Good Time" and "I Found A Love."

    But the soulful ballads are the ones that have always stood out for Jerry Butler. There are many soulful ballads here: "Give Me Your Love," "A Lonely Soldier," "Thanks To You," and "The Lights Went Out." The classic R&B sound of the 1950s is heard on "The Gift Of Love," and "Teardrops From My Eyes" displays a very bouncy upbeat soul approach.

    Although many songs would become more popular in the 1970s for Jerry Butler, his beginnings were R&B and Soul music. Do-wop of the 1950s and the sweet soul of such late 1950s/early 1960s favorites as Nat King Cole, Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson will have the "not-so-famnilar with Jerry Butler" fans curious to hear his music. Everyone has their beginnings, and Butler's is no exception. Esq./He Will Break Your Heart displays classic soul at its very best.

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