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Living Space
"Fade Into Existence"

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Year of Release: 2002

track listing
  • 19 Lines
  • U.S.
  • Down In Denver
  • Gamez
  • Don't Be Long
  • Stay Up
  • Officer
    He Made Me Do It
  • Bad Bunch
  • Running TO A Train
  • Happyface
  • Boo Moe

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    Living Space
    "Fade Into Existence"

    Living Space was one of 20 artists/bands on The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 9, WSVNRadio's continuing series of music promotions of unsigned/independent artists. "Down In Denver" was the chosen song from their album Fade Into Existence. From San Francisco, this original band writes their own music in the styles ranging from ska to punk to rock. Fade Into Existence was their second album, in late 2002.

    The opening track, "19 Lines" is a simple rock song, where it gets heavier in sound at times, where "U.S." is a more traditional, bouncy pop song. "Gamez" is a small experimental instrumental. "Don't Be Long" has a sense of mystery, almost having a more industrial sound. "Stay Up" is a great song, having a somewhat jazz feel.

    "Officer, He Made Me Do It" is another rock/pop number, almost in comparison to the later years of XTC. "Bad Bunch" has a more pop sound, as it defines Living Space's sounds heard in previous songs. "Running To A Train" is a very catchy pop song, like in the style of ska or even reggae. Catchy pop as in XTC is heard on "Happyface" "Boo Mae" is another experimental song, with a sense of mystery, and quite different than the catchy pop tunes previously heard.

    Fade Into Existence experiments in song writing dealing with growing pains and contemplation, which explains the moodyness of some particular songs. Their catchy pop tunes are very noticeable, and very entertaining. If you're a fan of such bands as Blur, The Smiths, U2, Radiohead, Weezer, and Green Day, Living Space is the band you just want to listen to. The songwriting trio members Coop R. Fransis (vocals, guitar), Trevor Contreras (guitar, vocals), and Kevin Costa (bassist, vocals) will acknowledge the pop fan's attention, will want to give this album more repeated listens. WSVNRadio is proud to have the catchy pop style of Living Space in their entourage. Fade Into Existence is a good album, and listening to it more, it will be enjoyed even more.

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