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Elvis Presley
"He Touched Me"

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Year of Release: 1992

track listing
  • He Touched Me
  • I've Got Confidence
  • Amazing Grace
  • Seeing Is Believing
  • He Is My Everything
  • Bosom Of Abraham
  • An Evening Prayer
  • Lead Me Guide Me
  • There Is No God
    But God
  • A Thing Called Love
  • I John
  • Reach Out To Jesus

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    Elvis Presley
    "He Touched Me"

    With the birthdate of Elvis Aaron Presley January 8, WSVNRadio has been fortunate to feature some of his albums as album pick of the week. His Madison Square Garden concert (1991) and Burning Love (1994) have been chosen the week of his birthday, and for the third time, his He Touched Me has been selected in 2005.

    Elvis Presley's gospel albums are truly some of the greatest music ever recorded. His two most famous ones, How Great Thou Art and His Hand In Mine were recorded during the peak of his career. He Touched Me released long after his death in 1992, captures Elvis in his later years at gospel recording, and as most songs are as spirtual and moving, the others do blend in well with the gospel, pop and country styles.

    "He Touched Me" has a true gospel feel, where such songs as "I've Got Confidence," "Seeing Is Believing" and "Lead Me, Guide Me" all have the pop and country sounds heard in many of Elvis' songs in his later years. "There Is No God But God" also has the pop and country styles, and is a very upbeat number. "He Is My Everything" is a revision of "There Goes My Everything" with lyrics in a spiritual content. "A Thing Called Love" is a remake, as I can't recall the original artist, but its one of those songs you have heard before, if you're a fan of music's past.

    There are some very spiritual songs on this release -- "An Evening Prayer," "Reaching Out To Jesus" and "I, John." The latter song is similar to one of my favorite songs on this album, "Bosom Of Abraham." Two songs I enjoy the most is "Bosom Of Abraham" and the very very spritual "Amazing Grace," Elvis' version is never tiring, as his voice is in great form, with an outstanding choir.

    A great mix of spiritual, pop and country sounding in many of the later years of his career, He Touched Me is another great gospel release by Elvis, as he always enjoyed his roots of music, being gospel. Of course his earlier gospel albums are truly outstanding, He Touched Me captures Elvis in his later years doing what he enjoys best, singing gospel songs, as they are spiritual and moving for any gospel fan. If you haven't experienced his gospel releases, any of them are a good start.

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    Previous Review: #923
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