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"Incurable Contact"

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Year of Release: 1997

track listing
  • Standin' In The Middle
  • Cities
  • Firewalker
  • 33 Days
  • Crucifix Scarecrow
  • Find A Way
  • Judgment
  • Live On
  • Watching You
  • Outside
  • Go

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    "Incurable Contact"

    You're browsing around in your favorite record store... You locate the "cutout" section. There, you wander through many unfamilar groups and artists, and you wonder if their music is just as good as the popular ones... What made Icos' Incurable Contact interesting enough to purchase? Was it the album cover? Was it the name of the group? I couldn't really answer those questions truthfully, but something made me say, "get this cd, it sounds interesting..." I'm glad I did get this CD, it is very good.

    Icos is an alternative rock band, very much in the same vein as many of AR bands from the late 1990s. If you're a fan of the 1990s Alternative Rock and beyond, Icos just maybe another band to add to your favorites.

    "Standin' In The Middle" is a great rocking song, almost in the vein as Nine Inch Nails. "Cities" is a bit softer, with a musical style such as the ballads of Creed, likewise "Firewalker" has the typical Alternative Rock style as many of the bands in the late 1990s to today.

    "33 Days" -- another common Alternative rocker, as "Cruicix Scarecrow". Pearl Jam's "Alive" comes to mind on "Find A Way," "Judgment" and "Live On" can be compared to Metallica. "Watching You" also has the grind hard Alternative Rock as Metallica. "Outside" can be compared to Alice In Chains, and can easily fit the Alternative Rock of the 21st Century. And the last song, "Go" is another hard rocker, with a touch of punk.

    Alternative Rock bands such as Alice In Chains, Metallica, Pearl Jam (to name a few) best describes Icos' Incurable Contact. It easily fits today's Alternative Rock, and this album should get repeated listens. For the fan of 1990s Alternative Rock and beyond, Icos will most likely be a favorite. Icos consists of Danny McGuiness (vocals, rhythm guitar), Jon Alder (bass), Scott Bond (lead and rhythm guitars), and Kyle Woodring (percussion). I believe the band is from the Chicago area, and even though I did not find a main website for the band, the Incurable Contact album has been referenced from many music related websites. Incurable Contact is a good album, and will be enjoyable for the common-to-true fan of Alternative Rock. If you can find it, it's worth listening to.

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