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"Live Through This"

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Year of Release: 1994

track listing
  • Violet
  • Miss World
  • Plump
  • Asking For It
  • Jennifer's Body
  • Doll Parts
  • Credit In The
    Straight World
  • Softer Softest
  • She Walks On Me
  • I Think That
    I Would Die
  • Gutless
  • Rock Star

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    "Live Through This"

    Courtney Love, wife of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain, was to emerge on the punk/grunge scene at the peak of Nirvana's success. But unfortunately, right before their major label release Live Through This, the shock came when Cobain had committed suicide. Courtney Love has been an "interesting" character since Cobain's death, as she had develop her own mark on the music scene, and her personality, by handling the loss of her husband and raising their daughter on her own, likewise a drug addiction. With all that on her plate, Courtney Love has always been in the public eye, with her unusual style of character, and her music with Hole and beyond may be entertaining to some, and unappealing to others.

    Simply put, Hole's music on Live Through This continued the success of Grunge, which was inspired by Nirvana. Throughout this release, there are easy comparisons to the unique "gut-wrenching" vocal style of Courtney Love, to that of her late husband and Nirvana. Another comparison is that of Smashing Pumpkins, a band that would also be one of the popular bands to come out of the Grunge/Alternative scene.

    Songs such as "Miss World" and "Asking For It" has the style compared to Billy Corgan and crew, yet it also defines Hole's sound in their own style. Grunge does have Hole's music defined on the opening track, "Violet," and "Doll Parts" has a mellow sound, yet they define the style that would become a popular trend in music for the 1990s decade, Grunge. "Softer, Softest" is compared again to Smashing Pumpkins, being accoustic and mellow.

    The remaining songs defintely relates to Nirvana, with its raw sound, and to Cobain's rough vocal style. Songs such as "Plump," and "She Walks On Me" has the hard grunge raw sound and power, as heard in Nirvana. Likewise the last three songs, "I Think That I Would Die," "Gutless," and "Rock Star" all have the qualities of Nirvana, and we could easily see that Love knew the Grunge style would be overcoming the music scene, just as popular as it did for her husband's band.

    The grunge style is definitely heard throughout this album, likewise the punk rock style mixed with grunge are easily heard in such songs as "Jennifer's Body" and "Credit In The Straight World."

    Hole is for the true fan of Grunge. Where it may be entertaining to some or not, Courtney Love proves that life goes on without her husband, Kurt Cobain. Where it would of been interesting if he was still alive, we could of seen the two of them recording together. Hole's second album, Celebrity Skin received 3 Grammy nominations. Not hearing this release, I'm very curious in hearing it, as it was praised highly, receiving music's highest award credibility.

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