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Power Station
"The Power Station"

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Year of Release: 1985

track listing
  • Some Like It Hot
  • Murderess
  • Lonely Tonight
  • Communication
  • Get It On
    (Bang A Gong)
  • Go To Zero
  • Harvest For The World
  • Still In Your Heart

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    Power Station
    "The Power Station"

    The Power Station was one of those many "SuperGroups" -- where members of well-known groups get together for an album or two. The band members consisted of Duran Duran's John Taylor and Andy Taylor (no relation), Chic's Tony Thompson, and popular English soul singer Robert Palmer providing the lead vocals. A super album, their debut The Power Station received some heavy airplay when it was released with the remake of T. Rex's "Get It On (Bang A Gong)" and the Duran Duran-ish "Some Like It Hot." Power Pop in the style of Duran Duran and great heavy guitar works makes this album an impressive listen.

    There were only 8 songs on this debut, and with the two popular hits mentioned, there are other great tunes that could of easily been given heavy airplay. Take for instance, the driving "Murderess" -- it definitely can be recognized as a Robert Palmer solo recording, as being compared to the dance style of what would become popular the next year (1986) for Palmer, his album Riptide featuring his only #1 hit of his career, "Addicted To Love." "Lonely Tonight" definitely has the pop soul of Palmer, where "Communication" has the pop dance style of Duran Duran.

    "Go To Zero" combines the dance pop and soul, perfecting Palmer's style and voice. Is Robert Palmer singing lead on "Harvest For The World" ? My guess is no, as this song seems to be more of a Duran Duran styled song than that of Palmer's, with its vocal style and dance rhythms. The closing song, "Still In Your Heart" is a bit moody, yet the vocals are recognizably so, that of Robert Palmer.

    The debut of The Power Station is a definite good listen. Powerful music, soulful, it provided a great musical side project for Robert Palmer, Duran Duran and Chic. Only Robert Palmer and John Taylor would record the Power Station's 2nd and final album, Living in Fear, in 1996. (I didn't know the Power Station name released a second album, when I noticed it a party I was at recently) With the success of their first release, I'm curious to find their second album, and see if it's as good as their debut.

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