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Stone Temple Pilots

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track listing
  • Meat Plow
  • Vasoline
  • Lounge Fly
  • Interstate Love Song
  • Still Remains
  • Silvergun Superman
  • Big Empty
  • Unglued
  • Army Ants
  • Kitchenware And

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    Stone Temple Pilots

    Hard to believe it's been close to 10 years since we've heard of Stone Temple Pilots... Their debut album Core and now, their second album, Purple are part of the WSVNRadio reviews/archives.

    In general, Purple has some great rocking songs, comparing to the likes of other great Alternative 1990s rock bands such as Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam.

    Those rocking songs, such as "Meat Plow," "Vasoline," "Lounge Fly," "Still Remains," and "Silvergun Superman" all have the great hard rock as AIC and PJ. The mood changes with the accoustical ballad "Pretty Penny" -- a very well-crafted song, and another song worth mentioning is the great rocker "Unglued." Even the Red Hot Chili Peppers hard rock sound can be compared as well, to "Army Ants."

    The two biggest and well-known songs are the classics "Interstate Love Song" (great rocker) and "Big Empty" (very laid back, and bluesy). And lastly, another surprise is the closing song, "Kitchenware And Candybars," a very laid back song, where it has its rocking moments, and goes back to the laid back, easy style. And it can be compared more to that of Pearl Jam.

    There is a bonus track, not listed in the track list. At the end of "Kitchenware And Candybars," there is silence, and the song is similar to the vocal style of Edwyn Collins. (After researching this particular track from, it is stated that this lounge-type song was not even recorded by STP, so maybe it is Edwyn Collins?)

    Stone Temple Pilots first two albums achieved the most praise. They did release other albums, but did not receive as heavy exposure as their first two albums. Yet, Stone Temple Pilots have already proved they were one of the most popular Alternative Rock bands, out of the 1990s. Listening to Core and Purple, it's very easy to see why.

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