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The Shangri-la's
"The Best Of The Shangri-la's"

© Mercury Chronicles Reco Year of Release: 1996

track listing
  • Remember (Walkin' In
    The Sand)
  • Leader Of The Pack
  • What Is Love
  • Give Him A Great Big Kiss
  • Maybe
  • Out In The Streets
  • Give Us Your Blessings
  • Heaven Only Knows
  • Never Again
  • What's A Girl
    Supposed To Do
  • The Dum Dum Ditty
  • Right Now And Not Later
  • The Train From
    Kansas City
  • I Can Never
    Go Home Anymore
  • Long Live Our Love
  • Sophisicated Boom Boom
  • He Cried
  • Dressed In Black
  • Past Present And Future
  • Paradise
  • Love You More
    Than Yesterday
  • The Sweet Sounds
    Of Summer
  • I'll Never Learn
  • Take The Time
  • Footsteps On The Roof

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    The Shangri-la's
    "The Best Of The Shangri-la's"

    The Shangri-La's were from the Girl Groups of the 1960s, having two popular hits: "Leader Of The Pack" (which hit #1), and "Remember (Walkin' In The Sand)". Mercury's compilation of The Best Of The Shangri-La's captures 25 songs of their career, and it's always interesting to listen to the other hits and songs from a group or artist who may only be famous for just a few songs.

    Beginning the set is their two most popular hits, and for those who are familiar with popular songs of the '60s, these two songs should not be any strangers. tempo'd country song, mixing well with the remaining well-known hits.

    "What Is Love" is a very well done song, likewise "Give Him A Great Big Kiss" may ring bells for the 1960s fan, as it was featured on Rhino's Best Of The Girl Groups series. "Maybe" was most popular by The Chantels, and later by Janis Joplin; their version is just as well as The Chantels.

    The next two songs are easily recognized from the "Girl Groups" era, and most compared to The Ronettes: "Out In The Streets" and "Give Us Your Blessings," likewise "Heaven Only Knows." "Never Again" also can be compared to The Ronettes, and "What's A Girl Supposed To Do."

    Once again, The Ronettes are compared to other songs, such as "The Dum Dum Ditty," "Right Now And Not Later" has a more soulful style. "The Train From Kansas City" has the Ronettes style again, where the style of "Remember (Walkin' In The Rain)" is heard on "I Can Never Go Home Anymore," and the "talking story lyrics" on "Leader Of The Pack"; a very powerful song.

    The typical girl group sound is heard on "Long Live Our Love." Soulful and another talking story lyrics" is "Sophisticated Boom Boom." A slower style of "Leader Of The Pack" is heard on "He Cried." "Dress In Black" is another impressive and slow tempo'd song, "Past Present And Future" features the piano of Beethoven, in another impressive slow tempo'd song. "Paradise," "Love You More Than Yesterday," "The Sweet Sounds Of Summer," "I'll Never Learn, "Take Your Time" and "Footsteps On The Roof" returns to the girl group sound (Ronettes).

    A very good compilation here, on a girl group with less than a handful of recognizable hits. They had the girl group sound, as many of the songs in this 25-song compilation represents. It's always great to hear the "other songs" artists had in their career, and this compilation will be enjoyable for those learning more of The Shangri-La's and 1960s music.

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