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"Smart Rhythm"

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Year of Release: 2002

track listing
  • Take Me Higher
  • I Need An Angel
  • If You Come Back
  • Another Dream
  • Trance-Vyolet
  • I'm Waiting For You
  • Eccoli Qua
  • So Sweet And Sexy
    (Techno Edit)
  • Pendolum
  • So Sweet And Sexy
    (SKR Team Edit)
  • In The Middle Of
    The Universe

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    "Smart Rhythm"

    From the WSVNRadio Hall of Fame... Tomatic was featured from Volume 4, a techno-trance band from Italy, their 2002 album Smart Rhythm has pulsing beats, and their music can easily fit today's popular music with well-known artists from the techno dance genre. Tomatic was created by Max Crocetti.

    "Take Me Higher" is the first track, as it starts out smoothly, then kicks into a heavy pulsing rhythm. The vocals easily fits well, with both male and female leads; the female vocals though are the standout. "I Need An Angel" is just as exciting and pulsing, as the female vocals blends extremely well.

    The synthesizers grabs your attention on "If You Come Back", another pulsing dance tune, as anyone can easily dance to at clubs. "Another Dream" is more smoother, and a very good dance tune, having a smooth groove. "Trance-Vyolet" returns with the pulsing beat rhythms as the first 4 tracks from this release. "I'm Waiting For You" is another great rhythm track, as it was featured on the WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame, Volume 4. "Eccoli Qua (SystemFunk Remix)" has a very high-energy and also has a sexual energy as well. The pulsing excitement and vocals creates a very sensual impact, and as the song emerges more, its synthesized music can be traced to another band, Kraftwerk, then returns back to its high-sexual drived energy. The techno mix of "So Sweet And Sexy" is more moody, maybe not on the most exciting tracks, it does have a mystery aura about it.

    "Pendulum" is very energized, another great dance number. The SKR Team Edit of "So Sweet And Sexy" is much better than its techno mix, as it has a very cool rhythm. The last track is another great cool song -- "In The Middle Of The Universe". The synthesizers are the standout in this song, having a very cool rhythm, this song can easily be used for background bridge music for any event.

    Tomatic's Smart Rhythm fits its album title. There are many great songs on this disc, as the techno beats have amazing rhythms and attention-getters. Great music for techno dance clubs, this band from Italy has some great music for the techno fan.

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    Soundtrack--8 Mile
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    Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young--American Dream