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Suzanne Vega
"Solitude Standing"

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Year of Release: 1987

track listing
  • Tom's Diner
  • Luka
  • Ironbound/
    Fancy Poultry
  • In The Eye
  • Night Vixen
  • Solitude Standing
  • Calypso
  • Language
  • Gypsy
  • Wooden Horse
    (Caspar Houser's
  • Tom's Diner (Reprise)

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    Suzanne Vega
    "Solitude Standing"

    Suzanne Vega had a huge hit with "Luka" in 1987, and also a remix version of "Tom's Diner" by the group DNA in 1990. But when people bought the album where both of these song titles are from, Solitude Standing would contain the original hit version of "Luka," but to some of Vega's fans of the DNA remix, they may have been a little disappointed when they discovered that the DNA remix was not on the album. (The DNA remix was released in 1990, and the original 1987 release has two versions of "Tom's Diner," an accapella version and a reprise instrumental.) The first version features Vega's voice with no music accompaniment. Her vocals are very impressive, but it's the dancing rhythms of DNA that are missing. The reprise of "Tom's Diner" is an instrumental, almost having a carnival baroque style.

    "Ironbound/Fancy Poultry" has a very adult sound, yet pop in a sense that would fit on Adult Contemporary stations. The bouncy pop sound is heard on "In The Eye," a song that could fit the styles of 1980s female teenyboppers, not the bubblegum ditty sound, but more of an adult sound. Like "Irobound/Fancy Poultry," "Night Vixen" has the adult pop sound, and Vega's music keeps drawing your attention. Such on the title track, it is very powerful, as Vega's pleasant voice is the standout. "Calypso" has a sense of mystery, as this pleasant pop number is very relaxing.

    Another relaxing song is "Language," having a pop/folk sound, likewise the pleasant "Gypsy." Having a more pop, yet mysterious atmosphere, "Wooden Horse (Caspar Houser's Song)" once again has Vega displaying a more adult pop style.

    A more adult pop style best describes Solitude Standing. Not the overall dance pop of the 1980s, but a more mature adult pop style, that will easily have this album on repeated listens. This album is quite different also to the standard pop style of music. All in all, this album will impress many. The music is missing on the accapella version of "Tom's Diner," yet the rest of the album makes up for it.

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