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Year of Release: 1980

track listing
  • Don't Feel Like Dancin'
  • If I Never See
    Your Face Again
  • Are You Still My Baby
  • Real Canadians
  • Legend
  • Dump That Creep
  • Laura
  • I Don't Wanna Be Here
  • Volunteer Victims

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    We're at the Cutouts section of your local record store again.... You travel through the "T" section... A CD by the band Trooper appears... The album cover looks kinda cool, your first dog's name was Trooper, you find out the band Trooper was from Canada, thinking of other good artists from there (April Wine, Triumph, Bryan Adams, to name a few)... And the pricing of cutouts are very affordable (like $8 or less)... SOLD!

    Triumph was formed in Vancouver, Canada, the lineup for their self-titled album consisted of Ra McGuire (lead vocals), Brian Smith (guitar, vocals), Tommy Stewart (drums), Doni Underhill (bass), and Rob Deans (keyboards). The band recorded 10 albums from 1975 to 1991. Trooper (S/T) was originally released as their debut album in 1975.

    There are some good rockers on this album, as it has the common rock sound heard in many of the late 1970s bands, likewise the hard rock bands of the 1980s: "Don't Feel Like Dancin'" the album's opening number, starts out the album in a positive way, as the next song, "If I Never See Your Face Again" has the late '70s rock sound. Another good rocker, blending the many bands of the late '70s and '80s, is "Real Canadians".

    Songs with a more harder rock edge, are "Laura" and "Dump That Creep." Songs that would easily fit the styles of bands from the 1980s (reminder: this album was originally released BEFORE the 1980s, in 1975), "I Don't Wanna Be Here" definitely has a good hard rock sound as heard in future popular bands as Night Ranger and Damn Yankees, likewise "Volunteer Victims." Also passing as a song that when first heard, a common music fan would guess it was recorded in the 1980s with the popularity of power ballads, "Are You Still My Baby" is a very good ballad/rock song.

    Trooper has some very good rock songs, easily fitting the late 1970s hard rock scene, (compared to fellow Canadian band April Wine), they would easily blend in with the rock bands of the 1980s. They may not have been popular as their fellow Canadian rock acts, but considering alot of great talent has come from there, their self-titled album is a very entertaining album for the common hard rock fan.

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    Previous Review: #924
    Elvis Presley--He Touched Me
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