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Paul Simon

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track listing
Disc One:
  • Leaves That Are Green
  • The Sound Of Silence
  • Kathy's Song
  • America
  • Cecilia
  • El Condor Pasa
  • The Boxer
  • Mrs. Robinson
  • Bridge Over
    Troubled Water
  • Bridge Over
    Troubled Water
  • The Breakup
  • Hey Schoolgirl
  • My Little Town
  • Me And Julio Down By
    The School Yard
  • Peace Like A River
  • Mother And
    Child Reunion
  • Congratulations
  • Duncan
  • American Tune
    Disc Two:
  • Loves Me Like A Rock
  • Tenderness
  • Kodachrome
  • Gone At Last
  • Take Me To
    The Mardi Gras
  • St. Judy's Comet
  • Something So Right
  • Still Crazy After
    All These Years
  • Have A Good Time
  • Jonah
  • How The Heart
    What It Yearns
  • 50 Ways To Leave
    Your Lover
  • Slip Slidin' Away
  • Late In The Evening
  • Hearts And Bones
  • Rene And Georgette
    Magritte With
    Their Dog
    After The War
  • The Late Great
    Johnny Ace
    Disc Three:
  • The Boy In The Bubble
  • Graceland
  • Under African Skies
  • That Was Your Mother
  • Diamonds On
    The Soles Of
    Her Shoes
  • You Can Call Me Al
  • Homeless
  • Spirit Voices
  • The Obvious Child
  • Can't Run But
  • Thelma
  • Further To Fly
  • She Moves On
  • Born At The
    Right Time
  • The Cool Cool River
  • The Sound Of Silence

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    Paul Simon

    Paul Simon has been truly a great musician since his beginnings with Art Garfunkel in the 1960s. His folkish-styled music and beautiful harmonies throughout the early years of his career has been a favorite for many music lovers. His solo career has also been outstanding. I was fortunate to see him in concert some years ago, where he played at least close to 10 encores, as the audience at the Chicago Stadium wouldn't let him go home. His accoustic set of Simon & Garfunkel favorites was the highlight of the evening, likewise performing his popular solo songs from the past 40 years. His box set, 1964/1993 captures great music from his Simon & Garfunkel years, his solo years, live performances and unreleased material.

    The common favorites of Simon & Garfunkel are here: "The Sound Of Silence," "America," "Cecilia," "The Boxer," "Bridge Over Troubled Water." A demo version of "Bridge" is featured, having an accoustic atmosphere, and the vocals are high, as if this recording was a rough cut, and in a way, has a McCartney-ish sounding style, as heard from the White Album sessions. What's also interesting is "The Breakup" where they explained the breakup of Simon & Garfunkel (the first time they split; they would have a few reunions in the decades to come).

    "Hey Schoolgirl" was one of S&G's earliest recordings, having a 1950s sound. The solo recordings are heard in songs such as "Peace Like A River," "Congratulations." Yet its the popular solo songs such as "Loves Me Like A Rock," and "Kodachrome" that has music fans remembering the well-known songs of his solo career. Having his solo release There Goes Rhymin' Simon, there are quite a few songs from that release on this box set, such as "Take Me To The Mardi Gras," "St. Judy's Comet" and "Something So Right." Songs originally from his Still Crazy After All These Years were NOT on this box set, as the title track is a live recording, and the #1 hit "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" doesn't contain the extended intro, as heard on the original album. Therefore, in some cases, having the original releases helps along with the box set.

    One of my favorite songs is "Slip Slidin' Away," as I don't recall the song being from an orignal release, it may have just been released as a single. Non-popular tracks such as "Tenderness" has great harmonies, and having an early 1950s sound. "Gone At Last" has a gospel feel, "Have A Good Time" is an ok song, and a smooth jazz format sound is heard on "Jonah." "Late In The Evening" would be anotther popular hit, as other songs fitting that same musical style is also contained on the box set, such as "Hearts And Bones." Soothing, peaceful sounds is best described for "Rene And Georgette," likewise the same, but moody towards the end on "The Late Great Johnny Ace."

    His album Graceland was a huge turning point in Simon's career, as most of the songs from the third disc can easily be compared to the music of the later years of Peter Gabriel's solo career, and likewise the solo music of The Police's Sting. "Graceland," "You Can Call Me Al" were also well-known hits, as other songs in the style of Gabriel/Sting is heard throughout Disc Three. There are some live recordings on this particular disc, including a live version of "The Sound Of Silence."

    An incredible look at Paul Simon's career from his beginnings with Art Garfunkel to his triumphant solo years, 1964/1993 is a great look at his music, and his musical styles. The first two discs are the most spectacular, and the third disc was a bit more experimental with World Music. Although on some tracks (especially from Still Crazy) may disappoint those who enjoy the original recordings rather than live or edited, a box set will contain the popular hits in different forms (live). And to some, if a particular album is well liked on all of the songs from the original release, its obvious that collectors will have both the original releases and box sets, which most often contains unreleased material. Overall, it's a great look at Simon's music, covering close to 30 years, and of course, he is still going strong.

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