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House Of Love
"Babe Rainbow"

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Year of Release: 1992

track listing
  • You Don't Understand
  • Crush Me
  • Cruel
  • High In Your Face
  • Fade Away
  • Feel
  • Girl With The
    Loneliest Eyes
  • Burn Down The World
  • Philly Phile
  • Yer Eyes

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    House Of Love
    "Babe Rainbow"

    The House Of Love was introduced to be my a former friend of mine, who was interested in more recent bands, such as Catherine, Social Distortion, Sonic Youth, Oasis to name a few. The House Of Love was from England, lead by guitarist/vocalist Guy Chadwick. A blend of British pop best describes this group, and reading some reviews of Babe Rainbow, some say the songs contained on this release just may have been ahead of its time.

    "You Don't Understand" leads the album off, with a very powerful pop style. "Crush Me" is way mellower, where "Cruel" has a good powerful pop sound, compared to that of Love & Rockets. (Maybe not as hard rocking as their "I'm Alive.") "High In Your Face" is another medium-paced pop rock song, where "Fade Away" is just as mellow as "Crush Me."

    "Feel" kicks in high pop rock gear, yet it shapes into a medium-paced rhythm. "Girl With The Loneliest Eyes" has great poptential -- it's very dreamy (as say The Moody Blues), as this style is pretty much is the shape from the second track on. "Burn Down The World" seems to lose interest, boring. "Philly Phile" is just as boring, yet the last track, "Yer Eyes" has more hope than the previous two songs.

    In reading other reviews, it's a disappointment how the second song and throughout the rest of the album it didn't compete with the opening track. Yet, the album is somewhat listenable, for mellow-type pop songs. Babe Rainbow may take more listens to ensure a better rating, yet there are songs on this album are enjoyable, for those who enjoy the mellow-pop style of music.

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    Previous Review: #986
    Soundtrack--Midnight Express
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