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"Beverly Hills Cop"

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Year of Release: 1984

track listing
  • New Attitude--
    Pati LaBelle
  • Don't Get Stopped
    In Beverly Hills--
  • Do You Really
    (Want My Love)--
  • Emergency--
    Rockie Robbins
  • Neutron Dance--
    Pointer Sisters
  • The Heat Is On--
    Glenn Frey
  • Gratitude--
    Danny Elfman
  • Stir It Up--
    Patti LaBelle
  • Rock 'N Roll Me Again--
    The System
  • Axel F--
    Harold Faltemeyer

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    "Beverly Hills Cop"

    Great movie -- Great Soundtrack...

    The Eddie Murphy comedy Beverly Hills Cop (the first one) was a huge smash on the big screen, and there were quite a few songs from its soundtrack that are easy-to-remember well-known songs: Patti LaBelle's "New Attitude," The Pointer Sisters' "Neutron Dance," Glenn Frey's "The Heat Is On" and the instrumental "Axel F" by Harold Faltameyer. All these songs should be no strangers to those familar with the movie and music of the 1980s.

    Yet the other songs do have their moments as well -- Shalamar's "Don't Get Stopped In Beverly Hills" definitely has the '80s pop/dance style, and it easily fits being a song included for a soundtrack. Junior's "Do You Really (Want My Love)" is a great song to dance to, fans of Prince may enjoy Rockie Robbin's "Emergency."

    Danny Elfman's "Gratitude"maybe the least listened to, but it has a sound like The Cure (vocal wise), yet it has a more pop/dance sound, as compared to the songs fitting on this soundtrack. Patti LaBelle's "Stir It Up" also matches the pop/dance style, where The System's "Rock 'N Roll Me Again" has a more soundtrack sound, easily fitted for such a movie soundtrack, with the common pop/dance sound from the 1980s.

    Truly defining the music of the mid to late 1980s, Beverly Hills Cop captures the core of modern dance music at its time. Dance clubs can easily use the music from this soundtrack 20+ years later, as it should get easy nods of approval from its floor dancers. The music is as energetic as its movie, its a good memory flashback to how good the music of the 1980s was, well to those who enjoyed it, anyway.

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