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Dave Matthews Band
"Busted Stuff"

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Year of Release: 2002

track listing
  • Busted Stuff
  • Grey Street
  • Where Are You Going
  • You Never Know
  • Captain
  • Raven
  • Grace Is Gone
  • Kit Kat Jam
  • Digging A Ditch
  • Big Eyed Fish
  • Bartender

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    Dave Matthews Band
    "Busted Stuff"

    A very dear friend of mine has requested for the Dave Matthews Band to appear on the WSVNRadio website/radio station, and after many attempts of her request, the program director (aka WSVNRadio computer's programming) FINALLY has chosen DMB this week, their 2002 release Busted Stuff.

    It's amazing how some groups and artists never (or hasn't yet) achieved a #1 song, yet they have many #1 albums (Billboard charts). Creedence Clearwater Revival, Steely Dan, The Who, just to name a few, have never had a #1 song, yet #1 albums they have accomplished. As of this review, DMB has had 4 #1 albums, but have yet to claim a #1 song. Busted Stuff was one of those #1 albums.

    The title track has a very gentle jazz feel, very laid back, and very enjoyable. "Grey Street" was one of a few songs getting regular airtime on various radio stations (most notably Chicago's WXRT. And another popular song that received heavy airplay was "Where Are You Going."

    "You Never Know" is another enjoyable song, having a unique sound that can easily be recognized by any DMB fan. There's something sensual about "Captain," a pleasant, yet funky, it easily gets the groove going. The groove thing gets going again on "Raven," and a somewhat gentle Americana/Country feeling is heard on "Grace Is Gone."

    "Kit Kat Jam" (as the keyword "jam" interprets), it's a great rocking instrumental jam, that easily be used for radio/tv introductions or theme music. "Digging A Ditch" is an accoustic "unplugged" folkish, easy, laid back, one of those songs you could just sit back, relax, and "get lost" in your own world while listening. "Big Eyed Fish" has a mystery aura about it, yet it captivates the listener in remaining to listen. "Bartender" has the same atmosphere as "Grey Street," another good song, where listening to it, it's another "getting lost in your own world" song to enjoy. (Towards the end of this song, I can't help but to compare this song's sound and style to that of U2.)

    Busted Stuff is a very impressive release; there isn't a bad song on this release. This album easily is enjoyable on the first listen, and will continue doing so, listening to this album as a whole many times afterwards. A good album to relax to, or just enjoying a cruise in your car. DMB still continues to achieve greatness with their music, and with the exception of Matthews' album without his band (Some Devil), it seems almost every new studio DMB release gets to appear at the top of the album chart. With WSVNRadio featuring songs from the #1 albums on our internet radio station, we'll continue featuring his music, likewise when our "program director" decides to choose another DMB release for review.

    Busted Stuff -- Good stuff to listen to.

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