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The Eagles

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Year of Release: 1973

track listing
  • Doolin-Dalton
  • Twenty-One
  • Out Of Control
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Desperado
  • Certain Kind Of Fool
  • Doolin-Dalton
  • Outlaw Man
  • Saturday Night
  • Bitter Creek
  • Doolin-Dalton/

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    Bob Marley & The Wailers--Natty Dread
    The Eagles

    What is interesting about The Eagles' earlier albums is how songs that were not very popular seem to be the songs to look forward in hearing. Their 1973 release, Desperado maybe best remembered for two hits -- the title track and "Tequila Sunrise," but the remaining songs have a very good off-Country sound, compared to the likes of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

    "Doolin-Dolton" is very outlaw'ish; as it has a Dylan'ish/ Neil Young'ish, sound, likewise having a much better off-Country style. "Twenty-One" is very traditional Country, featuring some good banjo pickin'.

    "Out Of Control" has a good rock sound, almost in comparison to Paul McCartney & Wings' "RockShow." "Certain Kind Of Fool" has a more Rock/Progressive Rock sound. The short instrumental of "Doolin-Dolton" leads into "Outlaw Man"; as it has a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young sound. "Saturday Night" is very pleasant, as it has an off-Country style. The CSNY sound returns on "Bitter Creek," and the last song, the "Doolin-Dolton/Desperado (Reprise)" has a very good sound, and is very easy to recognize as an Eagles song.

    Where most Eagles music is best as compilations such as Greatest Hits or Best-Of and the likes, the original release Desperado stands out as a very interesting album, of Country, slight Countryish styles. The true fan of the Eagles will enjoy this release, as anyone who enjoys their music will perk their interest on the songs that weren't as popular. The title track and "Tequila Sunrise" are the most remembered, yet the other tracks are just as good and entertaining.

    The Eagles' studio recordings have always been excellent, yet their live performances have been voted as least entertaining. However, my thoughts on the Hell Freezes Over concert was exceptionally well, yet fans who have seen the Eagles in concert have different opinions. I have never seen The Eagles live in concert, yet those who have, have indicated very negative reviews. Recently, the The DailyVault website conducted opinions from their review staff panel of Eagles concerts entitled WHY THE EAGLES SUCK. Below are the comments from some of the DailyVault reviewers:


    The Eagles suck because they exemplify everything that is wrong with mainstream radio today. As more and more of the entertainment world falls into the black hole known as AOL Time Warner etc., our culture increasingly becomes marketing-centric, and the Eagles -- who in another era would be just another dining hall cover band -- suddenly becomes an expensive advertisement for the sale of CDs and concert tickets. If it wasn't the Eagles then it would've been something else, and if there was nothing else available, a board of marketing gurus would've focused-grouped one into existence. It used to be that the Eagles were our price to pay in order to support dozens of less popular but more significant artists, but now everyone is essentially the Eagles.

    Jeff Clutterbuck:

    The Eagles suck because they, even more than the Rolling Stones, represent the face of corporate rock. Instead of crafting worthwhile albums that remind us why they were the biggest band of the 70's, we are presented with tour after tour after tour, with no new material whatsoever. They know people will pay absurd ticket prices for another "farewell tour," with unimaginative, sterile reproductions of the same 15 songs that get played every 30 seconds on classic rock radio. Then, to throw their fans a freaking bone, they release "Hole In The World," that quite possibly ranks up there with their worst tracks ever. Way to stick it to the man, gentlemen.


    The Eagles suck because they have become exactly that which they once stridently claimed to despise a soulless money-grubbing corporate machine. Twenty-six years after their last album of new material, eleven years after their much-ballyhooed reunion, they exist only as a flaccid classic rock cliche. Musically irrelevant since 1978, they cynically marketed their latest tour "Final Farewell I" in boastful acknowledgement of their intention to keep soaking the fans at $150 a pop until the last one wises up and puts their wallet back in their pocket. They can't stick it to the man any more because they ARE the man.

    They crafted a classic album about soulless materialism, and then fell into the abyss into which they had once stared.


    Eagles? Concerts are pointless, music is too slow, personalities are too grating to be liked. Joe Walsh, "Life in the Fast Lane" and perhaps "Hotel California" are the only worthy things to come out of this band.


    The Eagles are (and still) my #2 favorite band of the '70s, Zeppelin is #1, and I'd have to say Elton John is #3. Despite I've heard they're bad in live concerts, I did enjoy the Hell Freezes Over concert. Knowing egos clashed throughout the band, I won't mention the main fault, but I believe his intials are D.H.... whoops... I've always enjoyed The Eagles' music.

    Chris H.

    The Eagles have basically always sucked to me. I marvel at sheer mentality of how the well-heeled, vacation house owning, covered option call participating, picket fenced lined, SUV driving, microbrew drinking, mid-management working, conservative sect can even consider 90-120 minutes of a visualized radio performance to even be worth leaving the couch for - regardless of ticket price! It's not the Eagles that suck for cashing in as much as it is the society of sheep (that I have outlined above) that sucks for using the band's concerts to satisfy their "look at me!" ego at the water cooler the next day.


    I still like a lot of their early work. They made some really great songs. Sadly, they are now as was aptly pointed out, another commodity, for sale to the highest bidder.


    Hotel California is all I know about the Eagles....and I hate them for it. The song has been overplayed so many times that everytime I hear it, I feel like killing myself.

    But, I've heard a few of Don Henly's solo work, and I think they are pretty decent....

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    Bob Marley & The Wailers--Natty Dread