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The Dovells
"All Their Hits And Much More"

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Year of Release: 1995

track listing
Disc One:
  • You Can't Sit Down
  • Do The
    New Continental
  • Bristol Stomp
  • Hully Gully Baby
  • Stop Monkeyin' Aroun'
  • Bristol Twistin' Annie
  • Stompin' Everywhere
  • Betty In Bermudas
  • Your Last Chance
  • Mope-Itty
    Mope Stomp
  • The Jitterbug
  • Kissin' In The Kitchen
  • Wildwood Days
  • Save Me Baby
  • Dance The Frog
  • No No No
  • Letters Of Love
  • One Potatoe
  • Watusi With Lucy
  • The Actor
  • You Can't Run Away
    From Yourself
  • Foot Stompin'
  • Maybelline
  • Let's Twist Again
  • Out In The Cold Again
  • Hey Beautiful
  • If You Wanna
    Be Happy
  • Havin' A Good Time
  • Be My Girl
  • Happy Birthday
    Just The Same
  • Dragster On The Prowl
  • What In The World's
    Come Over You
    Disc Two:
  • Mope-Itty Mope
  • I Really Love You
  • Deserie
  • Two People
    In The World
  • Why Do Fools
    Fall In Love
  • I Want You To
    Be My Girl
  • Short Fat Fannie
  • Ah Choo!
  • Trickle Trickle
  • To Make A Long
    Story Short
  • Three Coins
    In The Fountain
  • In The Still
    Of The Night
  • There Goes My Baby
  • Oh What A Night
  • 36 - 22 - 36
  • Little Bitty Pretty One
  • The Clock
  • Lockin' Up My Heart
  • Summer Job
  • Change!
  • Little Girl Of Mine
  • Why Not You
  • Cheat
  • Jim Dandy
  • Baby Workout
  • Miss Daisy De Lite
  • Country Club
    Hully Gully
  • Hully Gully
  • Stop Look And Listen
  • Don't Come Back
  • Hearts Are Trump
  • Little White House

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    David Fiorenza--Tan, Rested And Ready
    The Dovells
    "All Their Hits And Much More"

    Going back to the 1960s, and a group that may not ring a bell by their name, but when you hear their most popular hits, some will say, "Ohh, I remember them!" As you listen to their earliest hits, they have a sound compared to most black R&B groups of the time, including early Motown. Being an all-white vocal group, their blend of R&B easily matched those of their fellow black vocal groups.

    Their most popular tunes from my recollection, are "Bristol Stomp" and "Hully Gully Baby." Yet, the opening track did ring memory bells as well -- "You Can't Sit Down." "Your Last Chance" rings more memory bells for me, as it was the flip side of the 45 rpm single of "Hully Gully Baby."

    A lot of their music compares to another label mate (Parkway), Chubby Checker. Songs such as "The Jitterbug" and "Kissin' In The Kitchen." have the Chubby Checker atmosphere. Many songs have the R&B style, such as "Wildwood Days, "Save Me Baby" and "Dance The Frog."

    Of course, the "sound alike" songs, "Hully Gully Baby" being a bit hit, it's obvious they used the melody of this song to an extent on "Watusi With Lucy." The melody of "You Can't Sit Down" can be compared on "Hey Beautiful." There's even a cover song of Chuck Berry's "Maybelline." Not as great as the original, but it does have a good R&B flavor. Even their version of Chubby Checker's "Let's Twist Again" is a very good cover, yet not as great as the original. The same can be said for the cover of Jimmy Soul's "If YoU Wanna Be Happy." "Happy Birthday Just The Same" is a spitting image of a Beach Boys song, however the song was not written by any members of the Beach Boys. Likewise the same can be said on "Dragster On The Prowl," yet it has a more Jan & Dean style. Frankie Lymon's "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" is another good cover as well. Huey Lewis & The News may have the best remake of "Little Bitty Pretty One," yet The Dovells' version is pretty good. And the original Jackie Wilson "Baby Workout" doesn't compete with The Dovells' version.

    A good assortment of R&B of the early 1960s, The Dovells maybe most remembered for a handful of hits, but their white vocals sounding like black is very impressive. The 2-disc set covers their career, and their website has some of the members still performing. A good compilation, and its always fun to listen to the not-so-famous songs as well, The Dovells collection brings back memories of the few songs that made them famous, and nice to listen to what else material they had.

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    Previous Review: #972
    Eric Clapton--Unplugged
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    David Fiorenza--Tan, Rested And Ready