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The Manhattans
"Greatest Hits"

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track listing
  • I'll Never Find Another
    (Find Another
    Like You)
  • Shining Star
  • Kiss And Say Goodbye
  • Hurt
  • There's No Me
    Without You
  • Do You Really
    Mean Goodbye
  • We Never Danced
    To A Love Song
  • It Feels So Good
    To Be Loved
    So Bad
  • I Kinda Miss You
  • Don't Take Your Love

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    The Manhattans
    "Greatest Hits"

    The Manhattans were a soul group from the 1970s -- their most popular hits that come to mind is "Shining Star" (not to be confused with the song of the same name by Earth, Wind & Fire), and their only #1 hit "Kiss And Say Goodbye" (1976). Their Greatest Hits collection from Columbia Records features their songs from 1973 to 1980.

    Very soulful is the opening track, "I'll Never Find Another (Find Another Like You)". "Kiss And Say Goodbye" and "Hurt" features the deep Barry White-ish voice of Winfred "Blue" Lovett. As you're listening to these romantic ballads, other popular 1970s soul groups come to mind, such as Earth, Wind & Fire, and the Stylistics. "There's No Me Without You" brings The Stylistics to mind, although The Manhattans do have some high vocalization as The Stylistics did, but not as extremely high.

    "Do You Really Mean Goodbye is a very impressive song for those who aren't familar with it. It's a very beautiful soulful ballad, that should get repeated listens, easily compared to that of Earth, Wind & Fire. "We Never Danced To A Love Song" sets the romantic mood as well. Blue Lovett's Barry White type-voice is the standout on "It Feels So Good To Be Loved So Bad," likewise the remaining band members vocals, lead by Gerald Alston. "I Kinda Miss You" also has Lovett's deep voice leading off the vocals, as the remaining members' vocals follow. "Don't Take Your Love" is another romantic number, just as soulful as the others, and a bit upbeat.

    The Manhattans may not have been best remembered as other popular soul acts of the 1970s, but their romantic style sure sets the mood for all lovers. A beautiful 10-song collection, the two songs that will stand out (for those who remember) are "Shining Star" and "Kiss And Say Goodbye" (although the latter song I personally did not remember growing up, as I was 12 years old at the time when it reached #1). Both songs are classics, and the remaining tracks are just as beautiful, soulful and entertaining.

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