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Thin Lizzy
"Night Life"

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Year of Release: 1974

track listing
  • She Knows
  • Night Life
  • It's Only Money
  • Still In Love With You
  • Frankie Carroll
  • Showdown
  • Bandshee
  • Philomena
  • Sha-La-La
  • Dear Heart

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    Thin Lizzy
    "Night Life"

    Once again, Thin Lizzy returns with their 1974 release, Night Life. It was the band's fourth album, and by 1974, the band had gone through some major personnel changes, including a new guitarist by the name of Gary Moore, who would later pursue a successful career on his own.

    The opening track, "She Knows" has a mellower rock flavor, as compared to the most popular songs that would come later in 1976's Jailbreak ("Boys Are Back In Town," "Jailbreak") The title track has a more easy blues feel, where hard rock at its finest is heard on "It's Only Money," a song that could be compared in sound to the early ZZ Top. The moderate blues style of Robin Trower can be compared to another well-done song, "Still In Love With You."

    The piano is the dominant instrument on the ballad "Frankie Carroll," a pleasant, mellow rock sounding sound, as compared to the soulful influence on "Showdown." "Bandshee" is another very impressive tune, yet it clocks in under two minutes, this instrumental has a southern rock flavor.

    "Philomena" is a good song, yet there are other songs on this album that are much better. "Sha-La-La" has the band in all hard rock style. "Dear Heart" ends the album, as it is another very pleasant, mellow song.

    Night Life shines very brightly; it's a very good album, as just about every Thin Lizzy album is. Thin Lizzy's music is great to discover for those who are only familar with their most famous hit, "Boys Are Back In Town." Phil Lynnott was with us for so long, as he passed away of a drug overdose in 1986. Yet his music is quite inspired by many bands and artists today and future generations of rock music to come. Night Life is an exceptional album, and a great album to listen to, in the evening hours of the night life.

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