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Ice Cube
"The Predator"

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track listing
  • The First Day Of School
  • When Will They Shoot?
  • I'm Scared (Insert)
  • Wicked
  • Now I Gotta Wet 'Cha
  • The Predator
  • It Was A Good Day
  • We Had To Tear This
    _____ Up
  • ____ Em (Insert)
  • Dirty Mack
  • Don't Trust 'Em
  • Gangsta's Fairytales 2
  • Check Yo Self
  • Who Got The Camera
  • Integration (Insert)
  • Say Hi To The Bad Guy

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    Ice Cube
    "The Predator"

    Ice Cube's The Predator became the first rap album to debut at #1 on Billboard's Top 200 album chart. Full of hardcore rap and lyric controversy, Ice Cube takes a look at the race of blacks vs. whites, as six months later after the album was at the top, four Los Angeles police officers were acquitted in the Rodney King beating.

    Since most music fans may not consider Rap music as their main favorite, Ice Cube's The Predator points to the "fans" of hardcore rap, who really enjoy this kind of music. There are many hardcore rap edged songs here, such as "When Will They Shoot," "We Had To Tear This _____ Up," "Don't Trust 'Em" and not sure if the music of Parliament was used on another hardcore rap song, "Dirty Mack."

    There are skits of racism here -- "The First Day Of School," "I'm Scared," and ""Integration." Views on race was an issue from Ice Cube's previous album, Death Certificate, as the title track looks at his views on race riots and an editorial written by Billboard Magazine, where they denounced two songs from his previous album, likewise "____ Em" also concerns the Death Certificate release.

    "Wicked" created a buzz on the singles chart, as novelty seems to set the stages for songs such as "Now I Gotta Wet 'Cha" and "Gangsta's Fairytale 2." Focusing on the music, "It Was A Good Day" sets the pace for some soulful rap, the return of the typical hardcore rap returns with "Who Got The Camera". But "Check Yo Self" is one of the least songs to stomach. The last track, "Say Hi To The Bad Guy" has some soulful touches, yet it mixes with the hardcore rap.

    The Predator is not for everyone. Yet, it became one of many albums to reach the #1 position in the year 1992. Rap albums such as these may not appeal to everyone, yet it is interesting to hear how such a Rap album reaches the top of the album chart, and wonder how it can compare to the many #1 albums before and after. Ice Cube's The Predator may not rank up to the classics, but it did make history reaching number one, and becoming the first Rap album to debut at the peak position.

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