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track listing
  • Daddy's Money
  • What Do I Know
  • I Can't Dance
  • Love Is Stronger
    Than Pride
  • Ease My Troubled Mind
  • A Little Bit Of Love
    (Is A
    Dangerous Thing)
  • From Good To Bad To
    Worse To Gone
  • The Truth Is I Lied
  • I Wasn't Ready For You
  • Rowdy

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    Ricochet -- Having only one Country #1 in 1995, Ricochet hasn't been heard on regular Country stations, but as I was listening to Chicago's Country station US99, the DJ announced that the band had broken up. However, when I searched for their website, it was mentioned that they are still around, and their songs were featured on Christian Country radio. "Daddy's Money" from their self-titled album reached #1, and listening to the remaining songs, this album is remarkably good.

    "What Do I Know" is a great country ballad, where "I Can't Dance" is a good upbeat country number, as the phrase I Can't Dance, but I'm willin' to learn. comes quite natural to those in this situation, especially in the area of Country Line Dancing, where you're watching people doing this kind of dance easily, yet you're all left feet, but willing to learn! "Love Is Stronger Than Pride" has a ballad style also, and is another very enjoyable song.

    "Ease My Troubled Mind" is a medium-tempo'd country styled song, easily defining the 1990s and present Country. "A Little Bit Of Love (Is A Dangerous Thing)" is another pleasant song as well. "From Good To Bad To Worse To Gone" is a great honky-tonker, where another great ballad is heard on "The Truth Is I Lied." "I Wasn't Ready For You" has a bluesy country sound, "Rowdy" is another typical upbeat Country sounding tune.

    Definitely Country -- Ricochet has a good blend of today's Country music. And it's easy to see how "Daddy's Money" was a huge hit, reaching #1. It's odd not to see them reach #1 afterwards, but it's interesting to read up on their website, and see if they're still recording and performing. Ricochet may not be a household Country name, but their self-titled album is certainly worth listening to.

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