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Craig Owen
"The Smallest Of Things"

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Year of Release: 2003

track listing
  • The Smallest Of Things
  • A Distant Shore
  • Be Patient Restless Heart
  • Denver Dreams
  • Help Me Build
    This Peace
  • Mountain Man
  • Coming Home To You
  • Merrilynn
  • How Did I
    Find Your Love

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    Craig Owen
    "The Smallest Of Things"

    From the WSVNRadio Hall of Fame... Craig Owen participated on Volume 12. His style is best defined as folk, and his album The Smallest Of Things has a great relaxing atmosphere for a calm and relaxing setting. The title track was part of this compilation.

    Songs such as the title track, "Be Patient Restless Heart," and "Coming Home To You" all have a very calm and soothing folk musical style. A lyric sheet was included with the CD, and it's always nice to read/sing along the lyrics. "Be Patient Restless Heart" lyrics reflect on a Christian/religious theme.

    The patriotic folk style can be a relation to such songs as "A Distant Shore," "Denver Dreams," "Help Me Build This Peace," "Merilynn," and "How Can I Find Your Love." Especially the war theme of "Help Me Build This Peace;" how the war is wrong, and give peace a chance. "Mountain Man" has a more upbeat style.

    Craig Owen's voice shines with only one musical instrument, the accoustic guitar: Typically heard on most folk songs, the expression of voice and guitar. Owen's style as a folk singer will bring back memories of those who experienced folk music of the 1960s. Folk music maybe part of music's past, yet it's always nice to appreciate today's artists bringing back a musical style that was popular, and hope to bring back its popularity once again.

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