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Al Stewart
"Time Passages"

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Year of Release: 1978

track listing
  • Time Passages
  • Valentina Way
  • Life In Dark Water
  • A Man For All Seasons
  • Almost Lucy
  • The Palace Of Versailles
  • Timeless Skies
  • Song On The Radio
  • End Of The Day

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    Al Stewart
    "Time Passages"

    My memories of Al Stewart was listening to Chicago radio station WLS in their heyday of when they were a rock station. The Al Stewart songs that comes to mind are "Time Passages" and "The Year Of The Cat." Time Passages was the title of his 1978 release, which gets the nod of approval for review this week.

    I must admit, there are songs on this release that have a lamish pop sound -- "Valentina Way," "A Man For All Seasons," "Timeless Skies." "Life In Dark Water" has the musical arrangements in a theatrical manner, yet Stewart's vocals could have been improved. "Almost Lucy" has a different kind of pop sound, I almost want to say an off-country style.

    "The Palace Of Versailles" has a Moody Blues'ish sound; A good tune is "Song On The Radio," as I vaguely remember, it may have received some radio airplay when it first came out. The closing song "End Of The Day" has a pleasnt smooth jazz fit.

    Unfortunately, Time Passages passes time, but doesn't really appeal as a superior album. As some may refer the title track as lame (as some critics summarized the 1970s decade, arguably to others, of course...), the remaining songs do have a lamish quality. However, the musical arrangements does have a standout, somehow Stewart's voice may not have easily fit. Songs such as "Time Passages" and his other popular hit from another release "The Year Of The Cat" may have been his biggest hits, and well-liked to some, there aren't any other songs (at least from this week's review) that stands out..

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