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Steve Goodman
"The Best Of The Asylum Years Volume One"

© Red Pajamas Records
Year of Release: 1988

track listing
  • Between The Lines
  • Jessie's Jig
    (Rob's Romp,
    Beth's Bounce)
  • Hand It To You
  • Death Of A Salesman
  • Still Trying To Care
  • The Twentieth Century
    Is Almost Over
  • Banana Republics
  • Two Lovers
  • I'm Attracted To You
  • One Bite Of The Apple
  • The One That Got Away

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    Steve Goodman
    "The Best Of The Asylum Years Volume One"

    It is always a treat listening to Steve Goodman -- folk, country, bluegrass written or co-written by a gentleman who truly composed some incredible music in his 36 years of life. Goodman recorded 5 albums for Asylum, from 1975 to 1980: Jessie's Jig And Other Favorites (1975), Words We Can Dance To (1976), Say It In Private (1978), High And Outside (1979), and 1980's Hot Spot. All 11 songs from this Best Of are taken from these releases. After 1980, Goodman founded his own record label, Red Pajamas, until his death in 1984, of kidney and liver failure. He had also been a leukemia victim since the 1970s.

    The opening track, "Between The Lines" (from Words We Can Dance To) gives a nice warm feeling, having a nice Bluegrass/Country feel. The instruemntal "Jessie's Gig (Rob's Romp, Beth's Bounce)" (from Jessie's Jig And Other Favorites) has the true bluegrass sound. "Hand It To You" (from High And Outside) has the boogie-woogie feel, and almost having a gospel touch.

    Another nice bluegrass number is the next track, "Death Of A Salesman" (from Words We Can Dance To). "Still Trying To Care" (from Hot Spot) is a great pop song, another "nice warm feeling all over song." "The Twentieth Century Is Almost Over" (from Say It In Private) is one of those songs you know you have heard before, as it was co-written by two great folk singers, Goodman and John Prine. "Banana Republics" (from Words We Can Dance To has a somewhat Jimmy Buffett feel, and the main melody verses sounds like John Denver's "I'm Sorry." "Two Lovers" (written by Smokey Robinson and from the album Say It In Private) is another nice mellow song as well, as it could also be a song covered by Jimmy Buffett.

    "I'm Attracted To You" (from Say It In Private) has a soulful touch; its a very nice mood setting song. Likewise, "One Bite Of The Apple" (from High And Outside) has a nice romantic feel. The last song, "The One That Got Away" (from High And Outside) has the style of the early Linda Ronstadt, and speaking of, who is the female guest singer on this song?

    A very nice compilation of Steve Goodman's Asylum work is heard on this Best Of. It's always a treat to follow the lyrics provided with this CD, and reading the liner notes on how his music touched so many people's lives. Goodman's music is a cherish to listen to, as his music did inspire many to come. Like many other talented musicians, he passed away at a young age, but his music will live on for many generations. I'm sure his Best Ofs and Anthology collections define his best works, but it will inspire those to enjoy his music more,and to listen to his original albums, and discover other songs written by Steve Goodman, as pretty much 99% of all the songs he recorded were written/co-written by him.

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