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Brain Buckit
"Brain Buckit"

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track listing
  • Passion Fruit (Go Bananas)
  • I Know What I Know
  • Run Rabbit/The Chase
  • Sweet Tequlia
  • Baja Taxi
  • Captain's Orders
  • Crosstown Traffic
  • Rocket Science
  • Pink Elephant
  • Leavin' Tonite
  • Let The Boogie Loose

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    Brain Buckit
    "Brain Buckit"

    Another artist from The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, most particularly Volume 17, Brain Buckit is the mastermind of Chris Kelly. A unqiue blend of rock and a touch of jazz, the Buckit's view takes a little different approach on popular music, and it's quite very good.

    The opening track is the song featured on WSVNRadio's Volume 17 CD, Passion Fruit (Go Bananas) -- a very jumpy tune, it's quite refreshing to hear rock mixed with horns, a common instrument not often heard in our present decade, and even in the past two. "I Know What I Know" has another good rock approach, and the medley of "Space Rabbit/The Chase" once again has the listening in tune, as the instrumental Chase part has a melody similar to the popular track of "Passion Fruit (Go Bananas)"

    What is interesting is the soft mellowed "Sweet Tequila". Often jazzy, it has a good mix of rock and jazz. Another interesting tune is the instrumental "Baja Taxi" as it compares to another popular instrumental, The Chantays' "Pipeline." It's not as fast as The Chantays, but this song definitely has its finer moments, as it could pass as very good interesting surf music. A trip down late 1970s Classic Rock [ZZ Top] with some impressive rock horn arrangements, "Captain's Orders" is another interesting tune to listen to.

    Jimi Hendrix's "Crosstown Classic" gets a different approach than the original: The horns make this song a standout, it's jazzy, it's rocking, it's quite impressive. "Rocket Science" has a southern rock approach, "Pink Elephant" is another pop/jazz ditty instrumental, "Leavin' Tonite" is a mellower tune, with southern rock guitarworks. The rock/jazz sound returns with the album's closer, "Let The Boogie Loose." with his grit vocals and raging frontman appearance.

    A very impressive release, the rock/jazzed-tinged songs brings back memories of the early Chicago and Blood, Sweat & Tears, yet having a bit more harder rock edges in some songs. The southern rock-tingued songs also brings a different approach. All in all, Chris Kelly's Brain Buckit can turn heads on his outlook of music in his own special ways. Brain Buckit will be enjoyed with much repeated listens. He may not be a household name, but his musical abilities should bring attention to many, indicating he has good ways of showcasing music.

    For more info, visit the Brain Buckit website, at

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    Previous Review: #1029
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