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Captain & Tennille
"Ultimate Collection: The Complete Hits"

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Year of Release: 2001

track listing
  • Love Will Keep
    Us Together
  • The Way I Want
    To Touch You
  • Disney Girls
  • I Write The Songs
  • Lonely Night
    (Angel Face)
  • Shop Around
  • Muskrat Love
  • Wedding Song
    (There Is Love)
  • Song Of Joy
  • Can't Stop Dancin'
  • Come In From The Rain
  • Circles
  • I'm On The Way
  • You Never Done It
    Like That
  • You Need
    A Woman Tonight
  • Do That To Me
    One More Time
  • Love On A Shoestring
  • Happy Together
    (A Fantasy)
  • Gentle Stranger
  • Keeping Our Love Warm
  • We Never Really
    Say Goodbye
  • Por Amor Viviremos

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    Captain & Tennille
    "Ultimate Collection: The Complete Hits"

    I have very fond memories of the Captain & Tennille. Their TV show was one of my favorites, as practically every musician in the 1960s and 1970s had their own television series. One episode of their show was where Daryl Dragon (Captain) had a wide assortment of different instruments, all idle in the particular scene. He would walk around and play a few chords and melodies from each instrument. By the time he was done, it sounded like an entire band playing in unison; just only the instruments themselves. Daryl Dragon was a fellow keyboardist (like myself), and his wife, Toni Tennille, was a very nice sight for the eyes. Recently, a collection of their hits from two major record label was released. Previously, only a greatest hits of their A&M recordings were available. Now, both of their labels (A&M and Casablanca) combines their most memorable recordings.

    The first four songs were from their first album, Love Will Keep Us Together. 2 of the 4 were obvious hits: The title track, (co-written by Neil Sedaka & Howard Greenfield), and "The Way I Want To Touch You." "Disney Girls" wasn't a song I remember, however, the fourth song was very popular for Barry Manilow: "I Write The Songs."

    The next five songs were from their second album, "Song Of Joy." Neil Sedaka wrote "Angel Face (Lonely Night)" (he also co-wrote the duo's most popular hit, "Love Will Keep Us Together." The remake of Smokey Robinson & The Miracles' "Shop Around" was also a popular hit. "Muskrat Love" was also covered by another 1970s band, America. "Wedding Song (There Is Love)" has been a wedding favorite, and the title track "Song Of Joy" may not be remembered as the previous hits mentioned, but it is also a good Adult Contemporary song.

    Their third album, Come In From The Rain has 3 songs, of which none I can vividly remember: The upbeat "Can't Stop Dancin'" the tender title track ballad, yet "Circles" has a strong resemblance to a song that the Carpenters could covered, although Toni Tennille wrote this song herself.

    Their fourth and final album for A&M Records, Dream, contains 3 songs, the upbeat "I'm On My Way," the Neil Sedaka-Howard Greenfield penned "You Never Done It Like That" (which kinda rings memory bells; maybe the Neil Sedaka version might be the one I'm thinking of), and "You Need A Woman Tonight."

    By 1980, the Captain & Tennille signed to a new record label, Casablanca, and their first album on the new label, Make Your Move, achieved the duo's last #1 hit record, which was written by Toni Tennille: "Do That To Me One More Time." (When I was researching the #1 songs from Billboard Magazine, this particular #1 was unavailable on CD. When emailing for info, it was mentioned that they were working on a deal to contain all the hits from both labels they had recorded for.) Soon after, there was a "Best Of" Casablanca Records CD.) "Love On A Shoestring" is a nice Adult Contemporary song, and the Turtles remake "Happy Together (A Fantasy)" definitelhy has a different sound that that of the #1 original hit.

    Keeping Our Love Warm was their next Casablance album, and from it, another nice tender song, "Gentle Stranger," written by Toni Tennille. The title track (also written by Tennille), is also contained on this Ultimate Collection, and is another soft, lite rock number.

    Fans of their TV show will remember "We Never Really Say Goodbye," a song Toni sang to close their show each week. It's nice to hear this song in its full form on this collection. This song (written by The Captain & Tennille), was originally from their 1977 A&M release, Come In From The Rain.

    Like The Beatles in the 1960s, they would record their big hits in different languages. The Captain & Tennille did this as well, with "Love Will Keep Us Together," sung in Spanish -- "Por Amor Viviremos". (I vividly remember this version as well, as the words "I Will, I Will" in Spanish were always X'd in my mind, when hearing this song when it first came out, and listening to it again, decades later.)

    A very good assortment of their entire career on two major record labels, Ultimate Collection: The Complete Hits captures 22 recordings, with most easily remembered, for those who followed their career, and/or watched their TV show. Toni Tennille would later record albums of 1930s and 1940s standards, and looking at their web site, all of their original albums on A&M and Casablanca are reissued on CD, likewise new recordings. Also, their TV show was only on for one season, and reading on, their TV show is now on DVD.

    The Captain & Tennille has always been one of my favorites, and it was truly a treat going down memory lane, remembering their hits and their TV show, while listening to this complete compilation.

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