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"Country Grammar"

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track listing
  • Intro
  • St. Louie
  • Greed Hate Envy
  • Country Grammar
  • Steal The Show
  • Interlude
  • Ride Wit Me
  • E.I.
  • Thicky Thick Girl
  • For My
  • Utha Side
  • Tho Dem Wrappas
  • Wrap Sumden
  • Batter Up
  • Never Let 'Em C U Sweat
  • Luven Me
  • Outro

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    "Country Grammar"

    No Fair Warning Here: The world of popular music was introduced to Nelly in 2000, as his album Country Grammar surfaced at the #1 spot on the albums chart. His fast rappin' and whoo's would achieve more greatness later with his next album Nellyville and a huge #1 hit, "Hot In Herre".

    St. Louie is one of songs that was least appealing to me, (as well as some others), the fast wrapping Nelly style is heard on the next track, "Greed, Hate, Envy," likewise the title track.

    "Steal The Show" is another one of those songs where the rap style where you either you like it or not. In my case, not. Why? I think I need a lyric sheet, where the lyrics are just flying, and hard to interpret.

    However, there is great hope in "Ride Wit Me." This song I like and is probably the best song on this album (surprised?). "E.I." has the groove going, and is another good song. "Thicky Thick Girl" is another take it or leave it song. "For My" obviously has the "Parental Advisory - Explicit Lyrics" (wait, don't they all?), as reading the words "For My" itself, it is an unfinished sentence. Listening to this song, we fill in the blank as "For My [the N-word]." (Once again, where is that lyric sheet when you need it?)

    "Utha Side" continues the Nelly-rap style, and so does "Tho Dem Wrappers," but on the latter song, I prefer to press the Next button, some of the song gets a little annoying, but that's my opinion. "Wrap Sumden" is another yet take or leave'r, yet "Batter Up" brings back a memory or two, as the lyrics to the Jeffersons TV theme show is heard. (Not exactly in the same style as the original theme, it just brings a smile when hearing those lyrics.) "Never Let 'Em C U Sweat" is another take or leaver'r (again), where "Luven Me" is a good song.

    Country Grammar is probably most enjoyed by the true rap fan. As much as I enjoy all genres of music, Rap has been one of those genres that has some good and least enjoyable moments. As a whole, Nelly's rap style is unique, and has one curious to listen to how popular he has become. Is it the lyrics and/or the rhythm of the songs? A true rap fan could probably explain this better than I could. There are a few good songs here, and Nelly's career would become more popular with his next album, Nellyvile. For the true rap fan, this album is a given. For the old-fashioned rock n roller like myself, it's a take it or leave it album.

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