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Jerry Springer
"Dr. Talk"

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Year of Release: 1995

track listing
  • Dr. Talk
  • Let It Be Me
    Colene Walters)
  • Cold Cold Heart
  • Mr. Tambourine Man
  • Changing Partners
    Carol Lee Cooper)
  • You Lay So Easy
    On My Mind
    Bobby G. Rice)
  • Talk Back
    Trembling Lips
    (with Ernest
  • Please Help Me
    I'm Falling
    Carrie Moore &
    Debbie Moore)

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    Jerry Springer
    "Dr. Talk"

    ANOTHER Fair Warning:
    Yes, the Jerry Springer who was one-time campaign aide to Senator Robert Kennedy, lawyer, political reporter and commentator...
    Yes, the Jerry Springer who was Mayor of Cincinnati...
    And most importantly...
    Yes, the Jerry Springer that everyone just loves to help out the audience on his talk show by yelling "JER-RY! JER-RY!"... (Didn't they get this idea when another talk show host, Wally George's audience yelled, "WAL-LY! WAL-LY!" ???)
    YES, this is the talk show host you either love or hate, Jerry Springer, who has added "Country Singer" to his resume...

    But is this new reference a good one?

    The Fair Warning is... This is a category we put Jerry in as, "You Better Keep Your Day Job..." Jerry Springer released an all-Country CD, Dr. Talk, an album of one original Country song (co-written by Springer), and the rest are well-know Country songs, sung by Springer. (Ahem, yes, Springer sings!) We've all heard of it, and the outcome was pretty much expected... Jerry Springer is far better a talk show host than a singer. Rhino Records' Golden Throats could have easily added Jerry to their own Country CD (I>Sweethearts Of Rodeo Drive, but I think they had released that album already before Springer's Dr. Talk. (In looking it up, Sweethearts was released in early 1995; my guess is Springer's CD was released afterwards.)

    The title track consists of talk show concepts, and how one's life maybe taking for the worse, yet the lyrics explain just watch the talk shows, and how their main problems are far from watching the guests and how their lives are terribly wrong.

    "Let It Be Me," the Everly Brothers song, Jerry sings this song as a duet with Colene Walters. And actually, this duet isn't really that bad. "Cold Cold Heart," the Hank Williams Sr. tune -- I think I'd rather hear Hank's version instead. "Mr. Tambourine Man" defintely the Byrds version is better, likewise the writer of this song, Bob Dylan. (We know Dylan was never a great singer himself, but please, Jerry just doesn't swing it on this version either.)

    "Changing Partners" -- (seems like a talk show concept in itself, and obviously a topic most likely covered on Springer's show), is a duet with Carol Lee Cooper, and like the duet with Colene Walters, it's not as bad, yet "Let It Be Me" is a better recording than "Changing Partners," given the choice. "You Lay So Easy On My Mind" -- a duet with Bobby G. Rice, it's another bad song, and sometimes you wonder who's singing, Bobby or Jerry. "Talk Back Trembling Lips" is a duet with the original singer of this song, Ernest Ashworth, whose version was a #1 Country hit in 1963. I think it's obviously clear you can tell the difference of the two singers. Ashworth was an actual country singer (and easy to listen to), and Jerry just isn't. "Please Help Me I'm Falling" -- Jerry sings (or tries to) with Carrie Moore & Debbie Moore, and the Moores are much easier to listen to than Jerry. I'd rather hear John Fogerty's version of this song, or even the #1 Country hit by Hank Locklin, ANYONE's version than Jerry Springer's!!

    It's quite obvious as the critics said, and I have to agree also... This album is just plain BAD. Another talk show host, the late Wally George, also recorded an album, but he was smart, and not sing. He just talked over the music, siimilar to what John Wayne did on his America, Why I Love Her album. (Wally George also recorded his own version of America, Why I Love Her.) And, another talk show host that took a shot at singing, and like Springer, he was better in keeping his day job as a talk show host, was Morton Downey Jr. His father, Morton Downey Sr. may have been known as a better singer than his son, yet we all know, like Springer, Downey Jr. and Springer are much better at being talk show hosts, than singing.

    The Rhino Golden Throats series come to mind on Dr. Talk. You just can't help but try and stomach his singing, but thank God, we can cherish Springer with his regular job as a talk show host, and not remember him as a bad singer. (Although Springer's topics are considered "trash," we still respect him better as a talk show host, or don't we?)

    BTW: This CD is obviously out of print, most likely you'll find it on ebay. In looking at, they have used copies, but (get this), their starting price is $77.00! Yes, $77.00 and up if you REALLY want to purchase it! ebay should have a more affordable price, say $7.00, but does that INCLUDE shipping and handling??

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