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Various Artists
"First Christmas Record For Children"

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Year of Release: 1961

track listing
  • Here Comes Santa Claus--
    Doris Day
  • I Saw Mommy
    Kissing Santa Claus--
    Jimmy Boyd
  • The Littlest Snowman--
    Captain Kangaroo
  • Rudolph The Red-Nosed
    Gene Autry
  • Suzy Snowflake--
    Rosemary Clooney
  • Frosty The Snowman--
    Mitch Miller &
    The Sing-Alone Gang
  • Twas The Night
    Before Christmas--
    Ray Heatherton
  • Jingle Bells--
    Arthur Godfrey
  • He'll Be Coming
    Down The Chimney--
    Gene Autry
  • Santa Claus Is Coming
    To Town--
    Bob Hannon
  • C-H-R-I-S-M-A-S--
    Rosemary Clooney
  • Silent Night Holy Night--
    Mitch Miller &
    The Sing-Along Gang

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    Various Artists
    "First Christmas Record For Children"

    Ohhh, I'm a kid all over again...

    As a young child, my mother had great Christmas vinyl albums. One of them was reissued on CD in 1999, First Christmas Record For Children. A fantastic assortment of Christmas songs from pre-Rock artists, this vinyl album was constantly played during the holiday season. To my discovery, I easily brought the CD, and experienced many childhood memories all over again.

    Some of the common classics are on this album, Jimmy Boyd's "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," and Gene Autry's "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer." Most remember Elvis' version of "Here Comes Santa Claus," but Doris Day's version just maybe a better version to some. Mitch Miller & His Sing-Along Gang have two songs on this album, "Frosty The Snowman" and a bonus track for CD, "Silent Night."

    My most favorite tracks are: Doris Day's "Here Comes Santa Claus," Rosemary Clooney's "Suzy Snowflake" -- a song that just doesn't get enough play, yet when you listen to it, it becomes a Christmas classic. The spoken story by Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan), "The Littlest Snowman" is a wonderful story about snowmen and one particular snowman, with the red candy heart. Another spoken word track is Ray Heatherton's "Twas The Night Before Christmas." Arthur Godfrey's "Jingle Bells" has different vocals; I'm not sure if they are the orignal extra verses of this song.

    Gene Autry's "He'll Be Coming Down The Chimney" is another favorite, yet I remember Guy Lombardo's version. "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" is on the album, but by a different artist most may not remember, by Bob Hannon. Rosemary Clooney also has another enjoyable song, "C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S."

    My only complaint: The ORIGINAL version of this album contained a track by Red Skelton -- "The Little Christmas Tree." Copyright issues is my guess to why this track was not included on the CD re-issue. (Which probably is the concern of why his "Pledge Of Allegience" was never officially released on any CD compilation.) The original vinyl track listing:

  • Here Comes Santa Claus--Doris Day
  • I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus--Jimmy Boyd
  • The Littlest Snowman--Captain Kangaroo
  • Suzy Snowflake--Rosemary Clooney
  • Twas The Night Before Christmas--Ray Heatherton
  • Jingle Bells--Arthur Godfrey
  • The Little Christmas Tree--Red Skelton
  • He'll Be Coming Down The Chimney--Gene Autry
  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town--Bob Hannon
  • C-H-R-I-S-M-A-S--Rosemary Clooney

    "The Little Christmas Tree" by Red Skelton can be heard on

    Perfect timing for the 2006 Christmas season, First Christmas Record For Children is an excellent compilation of old-fashioned Chrstimnas tunes from the pre-Rock era. The songs from this era are classics compared to the later decades of Christmas songs to come. It's on, so it is worth picking up. Guaranted to be enjoyed by all ages, this album is worth having.

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