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Jackie Gleason Orchestra
"For Lovers Only"

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track listing
  • My Funny Valentine
  • I Can't Get Started
  • The Man I Love
  • Just One More Chance
  • She's Funny That Way
  • Yesterdays
  • You And The Night
    And The Music
  • Time On My Hands
    (And You In
    My Arms)
  • (I Don't Stand A)
    Ghost Of A Chance
  • A Cottage For Sale
  • Somebody Loves Me
    Disc Two:
  • Dancing In The Dark
  • Darn That Dream
  • It All Depends On You
  • I'm Glad There Is You
  • Body And Soul
  • It Could Happen To You
  • I Only Have Eyes For You
  • I'll Be Seeing You
  • I Thought About You
  • You've Changed
  • I Remember You
  • When Your Lover
    Has Gone
    Disc Three:
  • Alone Together
  • Moonlight Becomes You
  • I've Got You
    Under My Skin
  • The Song Is You
  • Once In A While
  • It's The Talk Of The Town
  • Love Is Here To Stay
  • You're My Thrill
  • I'm In The Mood
    For Love
  • My Ideal
  • I'm Thru With Love
  • You Call It Madness
    (But I Call It Love)

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    Rick Wakeman--Cost Of Living
    Jackie Gleason Orchestra
    "For Lovers Only"

    He was known as "THE GREAT ONE" -- Jackie Gleason was best known as a comedian with his classic TV show, The Honeymooners. But what many may (or may not know), before The Honeymooners, was his own Jackie Gleason Show, where he would mix comedy and music. Gleason was also a bandleader, and his albums of the early 1950s achieved great claim. He called it "mood music," and even though he never knew how to read or write music originally, his interpretations of orchestrated music became beautifully arranged pieces of music. He was said to have conceived melodies in his head and described them vocally to staff help. He would write the theme music for his TV shows -- "You're My Greatest Love" for The Honeymooners, and "Melancholy Serenade" for The Jackie Gleason Show." A 36-track compilation, For Lovers Only has to be one of the most romantic music sets of music ever recorded, featuring some well-known Big Band songs and more,it captures the atmosphere for the hopeless romantics in all of us.

    The entire set contains some songs that I'm not familiar with, but I'm sure for older fans of Big Band music, many will be remembered. The tracks I can easily remember by just reading the song titles: "My Funny Valentine," "I Only Have Eyes For You," "I'll Be Seeing You," "I've Got You Under My Skin," "Love Is Here To Stay", "I'm In The Mood For Love." Although many of the remaining songs I may not have remembered while growing up and listening to the Big Band Era, these songs are just downright awesome and beautifully recorded.

    It's amazing how some (if not all) when listening, you can easily identify the orchestration of Jackie Gleason. His theme music on his TV shows (for those who remember them) are the standouts. And listening to this 3-CD set, all the songs blend so well, one right after another. It's a continuous assortment of very entertaining beautifully orchestrated music.

    Gleason released many albums, form 1953 to the 1960s (this is the best story and discography listing I could find). Two of them were Christmas albums. Many of his original albums are available on CD, through My question of this 3-CD set, is wondering if these are the original recordings from the Gleason musical era. If or if not, it's still a great assortment of beautiful music ever made, and a great introduction to his music.

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    Previous Review: #1041
    Captain & Tennille--Ultimate Collection: The Complete Hits
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    Rick Wakeman--Cost Of Living