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"The London Suede"

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track listing
  • So Young
  • Animal Nitrate
  • She's Not Dead
  • Moving
  • Pamntomine Horse
  • The Drowners
  • Sleeping Pills
  • Breakdown
  • Metal Mickey
  • Animal Lover
  • The Next Life

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    "The London Suede"

    Formed in London, England in 1989, they originally called themselves Suede, but they were forced to change their name to The London Suede in the U.S., due to a lawsuit by a Maryland-based female lounge singer who was using the same name. The band was named after the Morrissey song "Suedehead." Their debut, London Suede [U.S.] (or Suede [U.K.]) was released in 1993, at a time where music was dominated by the likes of hair bands and cheesy Pop acts. Suede's style and direction was taking a different turn in music, just as another band from Ireland was forming and just becoming popular, U2. Listening to their debut, it defintely has a British sound, comparing to another England band that would later become popular, Oasis.

    The Brit-pop sound is very impressive on the album's opener, "So Young." "Animal Nitrate" is one of those songs that grows on you, as it has an almost late '80s Pop flavor. "She's Not Dead" is mellower, and has an early U2 sound. The rocking "Moving" also has a late '80s Pop Rock style, as heard by the likes of The Cure.

    Yet, Suede proves themselves as a band to keep listening to, developing a style and sound of their own on songs such as "Pantomine Horse" and their first hit from this debut, "The Drowners." With that in mind, the next 3 songs definitely defines a unique style for Suede: "Sleeping Pills" may have an early U2 sound, but the next song, "Breakdown" definitely is one that easily can get the repeated listens.

    "Metal Mickey" was another hit, as it has the Brit-pop rocking style. "Animal Lover" is another late '80s Pop styled song, yet a bit cheesy, but kicks in at a better Rock style towards the end. The album's closing song, "The Next Life" definitely compares to the slower, mellower songs by U2, (the smooth piano and vocals). Yet again, Suede does define their own style as they have throughout the entire album.

    Leaving where the Pop bands of the 1980s left off, Suede's debut is a terrific album. Their sound was shaping for better things to come, with the likes of U2 just becoming popular. Since they were named about Morrisey/The Smiths, this album does want me to listen to The Smiths' music, and see if they were an influence. The Smiths' have yet to appear on WSVNRadio; hopefully in the near future, they will.

    Suede released a handful of more albums throughout 1994 and 2000, and went through personnel changes. The band was headed by the songwriting team of Brett Anderson (vocals/guitar) and Bernard Butler (guitar) on the debut, but differences occured on the second album, and Butler left, replaced by Richard Oakes. The second album was a disappointment, and not much is said about their later releases. Suede's debut was the highlight, and is worth listening to.

    They may not have become famous as U2 and the likes, yet their debut does ask the question "What If..." Despite bandmember differences (and we all know there are many who would relate to this), we can only imagine if Suede/London Suede would become as popular, and its leader Brett Anderson would be like the "guy who wears the cool sunglasses, and now displays his political views, and have the last name (but pronounced differently) of another singer who would later become a politician in California..." Ummm, Bono?

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