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Cyndi Thomson
"My World"

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Year of Release: 2001

track listing
  • My World
  • I Always Liked
    That Best
  • What I Really
    Meant To Say
  • Things I Would Do
  • If You Could Only See
  • I'm Gone
  • If You Were Mine
  • Hope You're Doing Fine
  • There Goes The Boy
  • But I Want To
  • I'll Be Seeing You

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    Cyndi Thomson
    "My World"

    Cyndi Thomson -- maybe not a name remembered right away, but she did make Country music history by having ONE #1 song, in 2001 -- "What I Really Meant To Say." That song, from her album My World, gets the nod of approval for this week's WSVNRadio Album Pick of the Week.

    The title track begins this album, and this song comes across having more of a Pop and Country style. As it starts, the music has a somewhat Alanis Morrisette style, yet Cyndi's voice brings the Country style, likewise the song's chorus. "I Always Liked That Best" has her voice almost sounding like Faith Hill or maybe even Shania Twain (more like Faith's). Yet, this song does have the updated Country sound. Her #1, "What I Really Meant To Say" has the updated Country sound, likewise Faith Hill's more recent style.

    "Things I Would Do" has the Pop/Country style again, as the verses have the pop style (and a different sound for Cyndi's voice), and the chorus definitely has the Country style. "If You Could Only See" is a ballad, and this song does well for both Cyndi's voice and musically. This song could be compared to Shania; this song is very well done. "I'm Gone" is another Shania-styled upbeat song, "If You Were Mine" is a pleasant, nice, middle-of-the-road song, likewise "Hope You're Doing Fine."

    The Pop/Country mix appears again on "There Goes The Boy," and "But I Want To." "I'll Be Seeing You" is another great ballad, just as Shania's.

    All of the songs were co-written by Thomson, with the exception of 3: "I'm Gone, "Hope You're Doing Fine," and "There Goes The Boy." [It's always a treat to see the songwriter(s) of each song, likewise lyrics in the liner notes/booklet of the CD.]

    My World is a good album, as many of the songs are compared to Faith Hill and Shania Twain. Being compared to these two lovely ladies is a good compliment, although she may not have as many #1's as the two, (album[s] and songs; she has yet to release another album, since 2001). Her music is enjoyable to listen to, likewise she has all the ingredients as Faith & Shania -- Pop/Country styles, true Country sound, and ballads that definitely will turn heads and be worth listening to.

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