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Various Artists
"NOW 17"

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< Year of Release: 2004

track listing
  • Let's Get It Started--
    Black Eyed Peas
  • Lean Back--
    Terror Squad
  • Goodies--
  • I Like That--
  • Ch-Check It Out--
    Beastie Boys
  • My Place--
  • Sunshine--
    Lil' Flip
  • You And Me--
  • Why--
  • Locked Up--
  • Baby It's You--
  • Angels--
    Jessica Simpson
  • One Thing--
    Finger Eleven
  • Dare You To Move--
  • Cold--
  • Pieces Of Me--
    Ashless Simpson
  • Take Me Out--
    Franz Ferdinand
  • 1985--
    Bowling For Soup
  • Here For The Party--
    Gretche Wilson
  • Days Go By--
    Keith Urban

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    Various Artists
    "NOW 17"

    The NOW Series (Now That's What I Call Music debuts on WSVNRadio this week, as many of the numbered volumes reached the top of the Billboard Top 200 albums chart: 4, 6, 7, 9, 16, 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, and most recently, 24. An assortment of popular tunes at the time, most of them were actual #1 hits, and most preferably, CLEAN versions, that were easily played on Top 40 Radio.

    "Let's Get It Started" by The Black Eyed Peas -- C'mon, You've heard the main chorus on TV and commercials, and easily grooved to the beat. The next two songs were #1 on the Billboard Top 100. The first is not really one of my favorites, yet it was to others, I'm sure: "Lean Back" by Terror Squad. Ciara's "Goodies" has its moments, especially when Ciara is singing. Rapper Petey Pablo helps out, yet me not being enthusiastic into Rap music in general (some of it I can tolerate), his rap lyrics could easily be ignored.

    The next two songs are just as annoying: "I Like That" by Houston, with help from Chingy, Nate Dogg and I-20, has the rhythm beats beats as "Goodies" (that's the good news anyway). But can us older folks stomach the Beastie Boys' "Ch-Check It Out" ? I did enjoy their Licensed To Ill release, but albums/songs after that, is pretty outright annoying, and quite frankly, un-entertaining. However, Nelly's "My Place" seems to relax the atmosphere after songs by Houston and The Beastie Boys. One question remains though: Is this a slowed down version of that #1 song by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony? (Tha Crossroads) Of those two songs, Nelly gets the thumbs up.

    Lil' Flip (with help from Lea), tries to bring some of the old 1970s soulful sound to the song "Sunshine," while updating it to today's Rap style. With that setting the stage, unforunately, this song is just too boring. "You & Me" by J-Kwon is where I have a strange premonition -- I sense to hearing (faintly) Spandau Ballet's "True." "True" wasn't sampled as P.M. Dawn's did on the #1 song "Set Adrift On Memory Bliss," but I just can't get that song out of my head as I listen to this song by J-Kwon.

    Put my baseball cap on sideways, put on some oversized clothes, and put my hands in the air, move to the music, and yell "yo-yo-yo" to the next song: "Why" by Judakiss. Ahem, no, I don't think I look too good doing that, and that's how I feel about this song... "Locked Up" by Akon has its moments; Akon's rapping doesn't make this song so great, but the rest of it isn't that bad.

    Is it Jo Jo or Shakira? That's the style of "Baby It's You," one of few songs I can actually say that I enjoyed from this compilation, up to this point. The same can be said for the nice ballad "Angels" by Jessica Simpson. I've never heard of Finger Eleven, but it is nice that the NOW Series mixes Rock artists/bands with the rappers. "One Thing" is a pleasant song to listen to.

    The current Rock sound continues with bands such as Switchfoot's "Dare You To Move," another good, pleasant Rock song. Crossfade's "Cold" is another rocker, yet I enjoyed the Switchfoot song better of the two. Ashlee Simpson is a far better than her sister Jessica, as her song "Pieces Of Me" is a really good song, as the Rock style continues. Ashlee's vocal range and style of this song resembles to that of Alanis Morissette, Ashlee is a good rocker, as her albums reached #1, which her sister has yet to accomplish.

    Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" has the most rock edge up to this point, and there's a 1980s song in my head towards the end of this song; I just can't put my finger (and ears) on it, but somehow The Cure (or some band/artist like them) may have something to do with it. Another good rocker is Bowling For Soup's "1985" (What a name for a band...)

    Country fans will not disappointed to know that today's current Country is heard on this volume. Gretchen Wilson should be no stranger to anyone, but for those who were born yesterday, her popular hit "Here For The Party" achieved just as much greatness as the other song from her album of that name, "Redneck Woman." Keith Urban's #1 Country tune "Days Go By" is also on this release, another song remembered by fans of Urban, and Country music in general.

    Something for everyone on the NOW compilations, but for us older folks, we tend to want to be rocked or country-whoo'd for the best entertainment. The rock artists and country artists makes this release, yet the NOW compilations draw the biggest attention to the younger crowds, as high schoolers. The music for today's teens is in the areas of Rap, Hip-Hop R&B, and what other Popular songs they just may be into. Again, Rap music is not for everyone, but it attracts the younger crowd than us older folks. The NOW Series points out who is popular in the current trend of music, and as Rock and Country has been around forever, today's Rap and Hip-Hop has easily followed.

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