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Roobie Breastnut
"Porn Flush"

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Nude Music Records

Year of Release: 2003

track listing
  • Stick It In
  • Porn Flush
  • Wanna A Suck Off
  • Cum On Me
  • Hustler Me
  • My Three Holes
  • Do Me Right Tonight
  • Spank Your Monkey
  • Lucky 69
  • Fuck Me Fuck
  • Pink Pussy Trot
  • Everywhere

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    Roobie Breastnut
    "Porn Flush"

    WARNING: This CD contains explicit sexual content...

    As you may all know, WSVNRadio has been promoting musicians for quite a few years. Recently, WSVNRadio reserved a spot on, and as the word was out that we were looking for more artists to recruit, one such artist was brought to our attention: Roobie Breastnut, Queen of Party Porn Music, Sex Music with a Naked View. The email was sent by Roobie, and with curiosity, WSVNRadio extended its invitation for the upcoming WSVNRadio Hall of Fame Volume. Breastnut agreed to participate, and will appear on Volume 18, which is the next scheduled compilation, due at the end of December 2006, or early 2007.

    The first track is scheduled for Volume 18, "Stick It In." (Do we really need to explain what this title means?) The title track has a Madonna feel, ("Justify My Love.")

    Wanna A Suck Off -- Disco-styled, of course its lyric content deals with oral sex. Cum On Me -- (again, do we need to explain this?) The lyrics say it all, on where the 3-letter word is to be placed on various parts of the female body.

    "Hustle Me" has the groove going musicwise, as the lyrics suggest to obviously hustle me, and we're not referring to the disco hit by Van McCoy. "My Three Holes" starts out with female vocal orgasms, and the music is techno, pulsing beats, as Roobie sings of her "three holes."

    "Do Me Right Tonight" has a rock/techno sound, good guitar solos, and the lyrics, well, doing me right has a lot of different ways of doing... "Spank Your Monkey," "Lucky 69," "Fuck Me Fuck" -- omg, the titles alone are truly bringing chuckles to those interested in the erotica side of music. (The latter song definitely gets your interest, on how Roobie keeps singing "Fuck Me, Fuck Me..."

    "Pink Pussy Trot" -- another comedical look at eroticism, and "Everywhere" returns the pulsing techno beats, and the lyrics that just cannot be repeated here.

    If Madonna would have had her sexual ways, Porn Flush would have been more explicit for her than her Erotica release. The lyrics are very explicit by Roobie Breastnut, as this type of music and lyric writing is truly unique. Just one thing is missing -- it would have been interesting to view the lyrics to each song for each sexual themes and explicit sexual situations.

    As it may not be for all listeners, Porn Flush will attract the more adult music fans, as it is not often we here such lyrics contained from this album, and obviously we will not hear them on regular radio playlists. The pictures found on the CD are also those we will not see on well-known popular album artwork, that is the display of female genitalia, which can also be seen on the cd label itself.

    The internet is the best resource for this unique style of music, as the attraction for well-known, not well-known, the unusual, and the most bizarre musicians unite on various radio stations. WSVNRadio has all of these talents, living to its famous slogan, as we feature "Everything In Music!"

    Roobie Breastnut's website can be found at:, for more information regarding the Queen of Party Porn Music.

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