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New Order
"Power, Corruption And Lies"

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Year of Release: 1983

track listing
  • Age Of Consent
  • We All Stand
  • The Village
  • 5 8 6
  • Blue Monday
  • Your Silent Face
  • Ultraviolence
  • Ecstasy
  • Leave Me Alone
  • The Beach

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    New Order
    "Power, Corruption And Lies"

    New Order makes their official debut on the WSVNRadio website this week, with their 1983 release, Power, Corruption And Lies. This album's biggest hit was "Blue Monday," a song that received heavy airplay, and was the band's breakthrough song in the mid-1980s, as many groups were becoming popular with the New Wave/Dance and Industrial styles.

    The opening track strongly resembles the early years of U2, and a song that New Order would later record on 1985's Low-Life, "Love Vigilanties." The next track is just ultimately weird -- "We All Stand"; a very strange song in sound and everything in general. "The Village" is another song that definitely is recognized as the New Order sound, like on the opening track, and has a vrey easy dancebeat. "5 8 6" has an unfamiliar sound in its beginning, yet it merges into the common 1980s industrial dance sound, with the vocals comparing to another 1980s band, The Cure. All in all, it easily fits New Order's dance sound style.

    "Your Silent Face" compares to The Thompson Twins, and "Ultraviolence" has the common New Order sound, as heard on previous songs from this release. "Ecstasy" relates more to computerized technology, another new wave/dance sound, that compares to the likes of many dance oriented groups, Kraftwerk, and even the prime years of Duran Duran. "Leave Me Alone" easily should be left alone; it is just kind of boring. The last track, "The Beach" is really "Blue Monday" again, with a few added remix tricks, more of a remix version, and the vocals have the use of computer technology.

    Power, Corruption And Lies is a fair album. I may not be into the whole Industrial/New Wave/Dance style contained on this album, as much as the true fan of this music. "Blue Monday" made this album, as it was their biggest hit. Some of the songs can be used in techno/dance styled clubs. The "remix" "Blue Monday" would be a great song to play in such clubs. But for the dance fan in general, this maybe more enjoyable to them, as I am pretty much from the old school of rock n roll.

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