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Year of Release: 1991

track listing
  • The Beginning
  • Deep Water
  • Crazy
  • Killer
  • Whirlpool
  • Future Love Paradise
  • Wild
  • Show Me
  • Violet

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    Born Sealhenry Olumide Samuel, Seal's debut album gets the nod of approval this week, as the WSVNRadio Album Pick of the Week. "Crazy" was the biggest hit, as it is a song that everyone remembers, for those who follow popular music.. This hit is a great song, and listening to the rest of his debut, its best to describe Seal's music as Rock, Pop, & Soul. He would later have another big hit, the #1 from the Batman Forever soundtrack, "Kiss From A Rose."

    The album's beginning track, "The Beginning" definitely is a good kickoff song to start the album; a very good Rock-styled song. "Deep Water" is a very good Pop-sounding song, as it blends into a soulful rock tempo towards the end of the song. "Crazy" mixes Pop, Rock & Soul together, as its one of those songs that is never tiring.

    "Killer" has a techno-pop-dance style, as it was a song Seal wrote, and beecame a hit in the U.K. before he recorded his debut. "Whirlpool" slows the pace down, as it has a definite Lenny Kravitz feel. "Future Love Paradise" also has the Lenny Kravitz feel, in a more Rock style.

    "Wild" has a more Pop-Rock style, has a very good tempo beat, and could relate to Lenny Kravitz's music, if Lenny approached the Pop/Dance style. "Show Me" slows the pace again (as it did on his future hit, "Kiss From A Rose"); a very pleasant, moving song. "Violet" is another pleasant song, as it could match Smooth Jazz formats.

    Seal's debut is a great Rock album. His vocals do compare to Lenny Kravitz, yet Seal has a more Pop style, than Kravitz's harder Rock approach. Seal will be enjoyed over and over. There isn't a bad song on this album, it is a very impressive debut. In appearance, his facial scars do look scary. (A skin ailment was the result.) His music is far much more pleasant. Give his debut a spin, it's worth listening to.

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