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Meat Puppets
"Too High To Die"

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Year of Release: 1994

track listing
  • Violet Eyes
  • Never To Be Found
  • We Don't Exist
  • Severed Goddess Hand
  • Flaming Heart
  • Shine
  • Station
  • Roof With A Hole
  • Backwater
  • Things
  • Why
  • Evil Love
  • Comin' Down
  • Lake Of Fire

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    Meat Puppets
    "Too High To Die"

    Interesting reading about this week's band, The Meat Puppets started out as a country-tinged thrash trio. Their Too High To Die accomplished a major hit, "Backwater."

    The album's opening track, "Violet Ropes" has the typical hard rock Alternative sound, but the next two songs can easily be heard as their country-tinged beginnings. "Never To Be Found" has a soft Grateful Dead sound, likewise a more upbeat rock sound inspired by the Dead on "We Don't Exist," where this song may have the Grateful Dead inspiration, it also has this song in the R.E.M. vein. The early years of R.E.M. and their more mellower songs can be compared to "Severed Goddess Hand." "Flaming Heart" also has the mellow sound, and is a really good song for the Alternative Rock formats. It has a sound more distinctive for the Meat Puppets, but it's easily to hear their influences of the Grateful Dead and R.E.M.

    "Shine," like "Flaming Heart" has the mellower sound, and again, it's another good song to relax and listen to. The "Backwater" style is heard on "Station," and it also has an Alternative Punk style as well. "Roof With A Hole" has a nice slow blues feel to it. "Things" also has a "Backwater" style, yet with a little more harder rock edge.

    Another nice mellow tune, "Why?"; it's another cool relaxer. "Evil Love" has the common Alternative Rock sound of the 1990s, and even today. "Comin' Down" has the country-tingued/Grateful Dead flavor.

    There is a hidden track; it is found at the end of "Comin' Down" -- a remake of Nirvana's "Lake Of Fire," which Nirvana had recorded for their MTV Unplugged release.

    Too High To Die is definitely an enjoyable album. It fits the 1990s Alternative and today's. "Backwater" is the standout, and there are other songs that can easily match. The mellower songs seem to stand out better than the others, but as a whole, Too High To Die is a very good release,

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