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Little Feat
"Waiting For Columbus"

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Year of Release: 1978

track listing
  • Join The Band
  • Fat Man In The Bathtub
  • All That You Dream
  • Oh Atlanta
  • Old Folks Boogie
  • Time Loves A Hero
  • Day Or Night
  • Mercenary Territory
  • Spanish Moon
  • Dixie Chicken
  • Tripe Face Boogie
  • Rocket In My Pocket
  • Willin'
  • Sailin' Shoes
  • Feats Don't Fail
    Me Now

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    Little Feat
    "Waiting For Columbus"

    One year ago this week, Little Feat's 1974 release, Feats Don't Fail Me Now was featured as the WSVNRadio Album Pick of the Week. This band's 3rd album overall on our site is chosen again this week, as we look at their live relesae, Waiting For Columbus.

    Very much sounding like The Band, "Fat Man In The Bathtub" is a great opening song. The sound of the Band and the early solo years of Eric Clapton best describes "All That You Dream," another great rocking live tune. "Oh Atlanta," a song originally from Feats Don't Fail Me Now, has a great old style ragtime rock style, easily comparing to (once again), The Band. The New Orleans Jazz style gets the flow going on "Old Folks Boogie," a song originally from Time Loves A Hero. The title track of the studio recording is next on this live album, as both these songs easily fit that of The Band. "Day Or Night" also has the rocking style of The Band, where "Mercenary Territory" has a more Rock and Jazz feel.

    "Spanish Moon" has always been one of my favorite songs, most rememberd by Robert Palmer's version. "Dixie Chicken" is another one of my favorite Little Feat songs, as recently Garth Brooks recorded his own version. "Tripe Face Boogie" is merged from "Dixie Chicken," a good boogie woogie number, just as "Dixie Chicken." Midway through this song, it shows how the band's instrumental capabilities are. (Even so, throughout this entire album, the band's music rather than vocals, simply shines, proving the band is as exceptional as a musicians, playing their instruments in their own rights.)

    "Rockett In My Pocket" is another good live version, originally from Time Loves A Hero, and having the comparison to The Band again. "Willin'" is more laid back, having the Southern California rock sound heard from the 1970s. "Sailin' Shoes" is much slower than the original studio version. "Feats Don't Fail Me Now" as "Sailin' Shoes" has the comparisons of The Band and The Grateful Dead.

    Waiting For Columbus is a good live album. I was more familiar with The Band and The Grateful Dead before Little Feat's music was discovered. Little Feat has a more distinctive sound to The Band, likewise some songs to The Grateful Dead. All 3 bands are great, and definitely enjoyed by many. Styles of Rock, Country Rock, New Orleans Jazz are all great flavored styles of music, making Lowell George and Little Feat one of many best bands to come out of California.

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