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The Beers
"The Beers Hotel"

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Year of Release: 2001

track listing
  • In Memoriam
  • Shade Of Grey
  • Withheld Information
  • Never Be Free
  • Come Back Baby
  • Alcoholic Toy
  • Light Beer
  • Burnt Coffee
  • Dreams
  • Chains Of Love
  • What's The Reason
  • Maryville
  • Cold Autumn Night (a)
  • Cold Autumn Night (b)
  • Melissa

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    The Beers
    "The Beers Hotel"

    Here is the story of how WSVNRadio got acquainted with this week's Album Pick of the Week band, The Beers...

    As WSVNRadio was preparing for it's Hall of Fame, Volume 8 CD, The Beers had sent in their cd, The Beers Hotel. The 20 artists/names for this CD were named, and the packaging for this album was currently in the works. During this time, another member of the band emailed WSVNRadio, demanding to pull their song from the volume. Not only that, the CD sent was an actual burned copy, and the fact that the contract required to participate for Volume 8 was sent without the rest of the band's consent. About half of all the cds and artwork was already made, and of course, words were spoken, on how to keep the Beers on the compilation, instead of finding a replacement. In the end, the band pulled their song, and stated that they were working on new material, and the band member who had sent in the contract was dismissed from the band. WSVNRadio offered The Beers to appear on a future Hall of Fame CD, when ready. Unfortunately, they never did.

    My only guess why this song was pulled was how bad his album really is. The songs chosen for Volume 8 were pretty much determined by WSVNRadio, unless otherwise changed by the bands who were involved. It was actually hard to choose ONE song that would be appropriate. "Light Beer" was the song choice for Volume 8. With all things considered, throughout the entire Hall of Fame series, there are bands who are better than others, but give everyone credit, for recording their own music, and trying to make names for themselves in the music world.

    "In Memoriam" is not bad, yet it's not good either, but it has a post-punk feel. "Shade Of Grey" has a slight psychedelic punk style, yet it sure sounds like the heart and soul of a true Garage band. The guitar solos and obscure bass line easily makes this song, a not-so-favorite. On that note, "Withheld Information" is a bad 1980s psychedelic song, everything is just plain weird, and bad.

    "Never Be Free" definitely has the early sound of R.E.M., an almost-punk style, yet it just doesn't compete with R.E.M. and other bands from the 1990s grunge era. "Come Back Baby" is another bad psychedelic sounding sound, almost as if listening to Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd after he was kicked out of the band. "Alcoholic Toy" another song that's psychedelic, bad, boring, and hard to listen to, maybe after a few drinks, it could get better (?)

    "Light Beer" another early R.E.M. soundng song, and a song that could be actually listened to, despite some bad vocals. "Burnt Coffee" has music that isn't actually bad... until the vocals come in... Really Bad. "Dreams" has music isn't really that bad either, but its another dip in the psychedelic post-punk, and gets rather boring. "Chains Of Love" is just as bad, bad vocals, bad music, boring. (Looking at the CD.. 5 more songs to go...)

    "What's The Reason" has the 1990s grunge/early R.E.M. again, yet the vocals are bad again, as it is the real reason this song is bad. "Maryville" is another one where the music isn't bad (and tolerable; as the music isn't good either), yet its the vocals making it bad... again.

    Three songs left to go...

    "Cool Autumn Night (a)" -- boring. Even the second one is just as boring and bad. "Melissa" is eerie, ending this album, where a review on their website says: " calls "The Beers Hotel" cd (now out of print for boring legal reasons), [the first Rock and Roll Masterpiece of the Next 1,000 Years]!"

    Unless there are music lovers who truly think this music is a masterpiece, so be it. But any TRUE admirer will agree, the music of The Beers is unique, yet it is bad. Comparing to the greats of R.E.M., Syd Barrett, and post-punk music can have their advantages, but if it sounds bad as Syd Barrett did after his drug addiction, then the music has to be taken for granted as BAD, and we won't see their songs on Billboard Magazine's Hot 100 singles chart and/or their Hot 200 albums. (Although Rap music is bad enough.)

    As much as WSVNRadio took its time to recognize their talent to be on one of its Hall of Fame CDs, it's sad how any bad would turn down the offer. What made it worse was how The Beers pulled the plug on having themselves on Volume 8 at the last minute. Although many bands/artists send their music to WSVNRadio, they are automatically granted a spot on a future Hall of Fame, no matter how good or bad they are. WSVNRadio gives every talent equal opportunities to participate. And as many bands that do send their music to our station, and don't even bother to participate, (a simple "no thanks" will do), it's probably because we do not make any money on any of the compilations.

    The Beers' latgest cd on Toasted Records is called "A Taste Of The Beers." 10 songs from The Beers Hotel is on this cd. My question is, are they the same songs from the Hotel album, or are they re-recorded/remixed, etc.?

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    Doug Sahm--The Return Of Wayne Douglas
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