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"Bloodrock 3"

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Year of Release: 1971

track listing
  • Jessica
  • Whiskey Vengeance
  • Song For A Brother
  • You Gotta Roll
  • Breech Of Lease
  • Kool-Aid Kids
  • A Certain Kind
  • America America

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    "Bloodrock 3"

    Bloodrock -- one of those bands that many may not remember, but their first album featured great tunes as "Gotta Find A Way," "Castle Of Thoughts" and the hit "D.O.A." Their third album, Bloodrock 3 was released in 1971, and having their first album from my older brothers, that first album had the distinctive Grand Funk Railroad sound, where on the 3 album, it does have its GFR comparisions, likewise another popular band from the 1960s, Deep Purple.

    The combination of both bands of GFR and DP are heard on the two opening tracks, "Jessica" and "Whiskey Vengeance." Yet the pace slows down a bit on "Song For A Brother," being compared to the likes of David Clayton-Thomas and Blood, Sweat & Tears. "You Gotta Roll" returns to the hard rock/good ol' rock and roll sound, as heard on Grand Funk Railroad.

    "Breech Of Lease" is another slow-paced song starting out, yet it kicks into the rock of Deep Purple, and most would think this song IS by Deep Purple, rather than that of say, Black Sabbath. "Kool-Aid Kids" is another song in the vein of GFR and DP, yet more on the GFR side. "A Certain Kind" is another slow number, and the last track is a little bit misleading "America America."

    After listening to this album, you simply begin to think (although reading's reviews of this album), is not as highly regarded as a good-to-great release. Bloodrock 3 is dark, compared to that of Deep Purple than how some say compared to Black Sabbath. I was raised by their first album, and as much as I enjoyed that album and to the likes of Grand Funk, the comparisons to GFR is also heard here, but in a darker snese, not of that of Black Sabbath, but of Deep Purple. This album in my opinion, is definitely NOT one of the greatest as some say, but it is interesting to hear albums bands have recorded. And although I do agree that Bloodrock is an underated band, they did have their moments, and some overlooked.

    Their debut album was much better than their 3rd.

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    Time Life Music--Piano By Candlelight
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