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Dinah Shore
"Buttons And Bows"

© ASV Ltd. Records

Year of Release: 2000

track listing
  • The Breeze And I
  • I Hear A Rhapsody
  • Jim
  • Sleepy Lagoon
  • One Dozen Roses
  • Why Don't You
    Fall In Love With Me
  • Dearly Beloved
  • I'll Walk Alone
  • Candy
  • The Gipsy
  • Laughing On The Outside
    Crying On The Inside
  • All That Gliters
    Is Not Gold
  • Doin' What Comes
  • You Keep Coming Back
    Like A Song
  • For Sentimental Reasons
  • Anniversary Song
  • I Wish I Didn't
    Love You So
  • You Do
  • How Soon Will I
    Be Seeing You
  • Buttons And Bows
  • Little White Lies
  • Far Away Places
  • Lavender Blue
  • Dear Hearts And
    Gentle People
  • Baby It's Cold Outside

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    Dinah Shore
    "Buttons And Bows"

    When I was growing up, Dinah Shore was more popular as a television talk show host on CBS. Her show was seen after school, after 3 pm, as her show was as popular as other talk show hosts, as Mike Douglas and Merv Griffin. Her affair with Burt Reynolds also sparked controversy, due to their age differences (20 years).

    Before her TV series, she had a musical career, that covered the 1940s through the 1950s. She would have only 2 number one hits ("You'll Walk Alone") [1944], "Buttons And Bows" [1948]). Her other hits (including her 2 #1s) are captured on the ASV Ltd.'s Buttons And Bows, a great collection of her popular songs, 25 songs total, from 1940 to 1949.

    Any collection of a popular artist's music from the ASV Ltd. record company has been truly exceptional. WSVNRadio has previously featured the ASV Ltd. collections of such early big band artists as Jimmy Dorsey and Cab Calloway. Dinah Shore's exceptional music of the 1940s decade features incredible music of the Big Band era. Her music is relaxing, enjoyable, and entertaining. Her musical style and beautiful voice captures a part of music that truly isn't heard and as popular today. Some of today's current crooner-styled performers are trying to break the surface and bring back Big Band music popular as it once was. (Harry Connick Jr., Brian Setzer, and Michael Bugle come to mind.)

    Other than her 2 number one hits, there are some incredible music here. Some songs Dinah Shore covers have been recorded by others, such as "The Gipsy" (spelled Gypsy by The Ink Spots), "For Sentimental Reasons" ("[I Love You] For Sentimental Reasons" -- Nat King Cole), Al Jolson's "Anniversary Song,", and the famous "Baby It's Old Outside" duet with Buddy Clark.

    There's not a bad song on this decade look of Dinah Shore's music. It's for the Big Band lover, and for those who enjoy good music before the Rock & Roll era. There truly isn't this kind of music anymore in the 21st Century, but it's a good trip down memory lane, to listen to what good music sounded like before Rock & Roll, and today's most favorite genres of music.

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