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Cafebar 401
"Cafebar 401"

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Year of Release: 2004

track listing
  • Full-Pro Disco
  • Many Left Here
    Long Before
  • Senses Working Overtime
  • Something Worth
    Dying For
  • Lost Without You
  • Troubles
  • Bob Ross On Drugs
  • 2 AM
  • Today
  • Using Few Words
  • I Need To Know

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    Cafebar 401
    "Cafebar 401"

    Once again, we review a band from The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame, Volume 15. Cafebar 401 explores the Alternative Rock vein, a Dutch band, promoted by Wampus Multimedia. "I Need To Know" was the chosen song for the Volume 15 compilation, as this song, likewise the entire album, brings fresh air to today's music.

    "Full-Pro Disco" doesn't have the Disco sound thankfully, yet it's a good rock song to start out the album, and a song easily fitting the Alternative Rock formats. Medium-paced Pop is the next song, "Many Left Here Long Before." "Senses Working Overtime" is another good Alternative rocker, with a harder edge. "Something Worth Dying For" is another impressive song, comparing to the likes of the early Foo Fighters. "Lost Without You" is a touching slow ballad-type, yet kicks into the Alternative groove, easily being a radio favorite, as many songs from this release. The same can be said for the next tune, "Troubles."

    "Bob Ross On Drugs" grabs your attention as a very good Alternative Rocker, as it can be another radio favorite on Alternative Rock stations. "2 AM" is also another good rocking song, "Today" and "Using Few Word" slows down the pace, and in a good way, from the excitements of the previous two rockers.

    Cafebar 401 is a very impressive band. There are many songs here that can easily be radio favorites on Alternative Rock stations. Foo Fighters comes to mind, maybe just a touch of Nirvana-grunge too. As described them, "Put away your Foo Fighters, they're a band you don't want to miss." And as leader Tije Oortwijn says that if any of their songs aren't powerful, they throw them away." Where most bands have a common sound, a breath of fresh air cools the atmosphere after listening to this album. The self-titled Cafebar 401 is an album NOT to throw away: Impressive, repeated listening, and a band hardly to be overlooked. If you never heard this band, you'll be asking who are these guys, and where can I hear more of them. Check out more on Cafebar401 here.

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