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The Chordettes
"The Best Of The Chordettes"

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Year of Release: 1989

track listing
  • The Love Goes On
    And On
  • Mr. Sandman
  • Lonely Lips
  • Humming Bird
  • Eddie My Love
  • Born To Be With You
  • Lay Down Your Arms
  • Teen-Age Goodnight
  • Echo Of Love
  • Just Between
    You And Me
  • Soft Sands
  • Lollipop
  • Baby Come-A-Back-A
  • Zorro
  • No Other Arms
    No Other Lips
  • A Girl's Work
    Is Never Done
  • No Wheels
  • Never On Sunday

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    The Chordettes
    "The Best Of The Chordettes"

    The Chordettes are most famous for one song, a song that has been featured in movies and other sources of music -- "Mr. Sandman." What is even better, is that The Chordettes had other hits, as I had quite a few of their 45s growing up. My favorite song by the quartet was "Lollipop," a 45 I continually played over and over until it was so worn, that it was kind of unusual listening to this song on CD, being crystal clear. (I guess so old vinyl seems to keep the same "sound" when you hear it clear on compact disc.) The Best Of The Chordettes captures their well-known songs, and even a few B-sides, having some of these 45s in my record collection from decades ago.

    The 45s I did have, were: "Lonely Lips," ("Lay Down Your Arms" / "Teen-Age Goodnight"), ("Lollipop" / "Baby Come-A-Back-A"), "No Other Arms No Other Lips". "Zorro" was another song I remembered, but I couldn't remember if I had the 45 or not.

    There are quite a few songs that I didn't remember, such as the O Brother Where Art Thou" soundalike "True Love Goes On And On," "Born To Be With You," "Echo Of Love," "Just Between You And Me," and "Soft Sands." Others include the Coasters' "Yakety Yak" (sounds like) "A Girl's Work Is Never Done," and the novelty tune "No Wheels"; as this song sounds like as if Jan & Dean would have attempted, having a male spoken voice throughout the song.

    Lastly, there are songs there were popular, but not the Chordettes version (at least from my memory) -- "Humming Bird" is best remembered by Les Paul & Mary Ford, "Eddie My Love" by The Fontane Sisters, and "Never On Sunday," a song that I can't remember who had the most popular version.

    All in all, The Best Of The Chordettes is a wonderful trip down memory lane, listening to the familiar songs by them, as I used to have 45 rpm records by them. For those who remember them more, it will also be a good trip down this "highway," for the Easy Listening crowds, and discovering music before Rock n Roll was born.

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