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Phantom Rocker & Slick
"Cover Girl"

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Year of Release: 1985

track listing
  • Cover Girl
  • The Only Way To Fly
  • Sidewalk Princess
  • It's Good To Be Alive
  • Still Got Time
  • Can't Get It Right
  • Going South
  • I Found Someone
    Who Loves Me
  • Enough Is Enough
  • Dressed In Dirt
  • Long Cool Woman

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    Phantom Rocker & Slick
    "Cover Girl"

    Slim Jim Phantom and Lee Rocker were members of The Stray Cats with Brian Setzer, and Earl Slick was a session guitar player. These 3 members would record only 2 albums together, and to this day, both albums have yet to surface on CD. Their 2nd album was Cover Girl, released in 1985, showcasing a style much different than the Rockabilly sound of the Stray Cats. As the mid-1980s to the end of its decade, Hair Bands of hard rock and heavy metal filled the air and videos. With that, Cover Girl does have its rock and roll roots, but blending in with the current sound of the day.

    Probably the best song from this album is the title track. A good blend of Rock, it definitely has that 1980s style, for those who remember it well. But the rest of the album gets to sound the same, not to say the album is bad, it is quite well, as it fitted within the rest of the music of the times.

    "The Only Way To Fly" and "Sidewalk Princess" are not as good as the title track, yet it has the Pop 1980s style, as Rick Springfield. "It's Good To Be Alive" sounds more like a Hair Band song, maybe compared to the 1980s Kiss. 1980s Pop Rock has "Still Got Time" going, and as this album continues to play, one band starts standing out as a major comparison -- Poison. Many of the remaining songs do relate to Poison: "Can't Get It Right," "Going South," and "I Found Someone Who Loves Me." "Dressed In Dirt" has the Slippery When Wet Bon Jovi style, or maybe even John Cougar Mellencamp's "When The Walls Come Crumbling Down." The Hollies' "Long Cool Woman" is the last track -- PR&S' version is not as good as the original, yet it's quite different, and has the 1980s Hair Band (Poison) style.

    Cover Girl is the typical 1980s Hair Band Hard Rock album. The music could be great soundtrack music for such movies as the likes of "Back To The Future," "The Breakfast Club." It's a good album to listen to, and reflect on any memories of the mid-1980s, when music (and movies) were most to be enjoyed.

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    Previous Review: #1061
    Soundtrack--2001: A Space Odyssey
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    Billy Squier--Enough Is Enough