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Billy Squier
"Enough Is Enough"

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Year of Release: 1986

track listing
  • Shot O' Love
  • Love Is The Hero
  • Lady With A Tenor Sax
  • All We Have To Give
  • Come Home
  • Break The Silence
  • Powerhouse
  • Lonely One
  • Til It's Over
  • Wink Of An Eye

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    Billy Squier
    "Enough Is Enough"

    Billy Squier became an overnight success with his second album, Don't Say No (1981). Emotions In Motions, his follow up, was almost as popular, but a video from his next album ("Rock Me Tonite" practically was a major disappointment. 1984's Signs Of Life followed, then in 1986, Enough Is Enough was released, and this week's review. This album is a good one, as it has songs that could have easily fitted the Don't Say No. For Queen fans, there are some songs that would fit Freddie Mercury and crew's style. In fact, Brian May of Queen was supposed to produce Don't Say No, but due to scheduling conflicts, he recommended another producer (Reinhold Mack).

    "Shot O' Love" has the sound of Don't Say No, likewise it's hard rocking as say Sammy Hagar. Journey comes to mind on "Love Is The Hero." Freddie Mercury co-wrote the next song with Squier, "Lady With A Tenor Sax," as it easily fits the Queen mold.

    "All We Have To Give" is a ballad, and a good one. Most of the remaining songs fit the Queen style: "Come Home" has the hard rocking sound of Queen, although "Break The Silence" could fit Squier's Don't Say No release. Like it's title, "Powerhouse" is a rocker. The nice, pleasant styled Queen is heard on "Lonely One," likewise another pleasant style as Queen would record is on "Til It's Over." The album ends with another good Squier rocker, "Wink Of An Eye."

    Enough Is Enough doesn't mean it's enough of the music of Billy Squier. Maybe his lame video "Rock Me Tonite" fell on hard times, Squier was able to continue recording, and for those who enjoyed Don't Say No and Emotions In Motion, Enough Is Enough is another good contender. Not as popular, but still, it's another album that would just be as favorable.

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