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"Full Metal-The Album"

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Year of Release: 1995

track listing
  • The WWF Superstars & Slam Jam
    We're All Together Now
  • The WWF Superstars & Slam Jam
    Thorn In Your Eye
  • Diesel Blues
  • The Lyin' King
    King Mabel
  • 1-2-3
  • Goldust
  • Smokin'
    Smokin' Gunns
  • Psycho-Dance
    Pyscho Sid
  • Bad Boy
    Razor Ramon
  • Hart Attack
    Bret "Hit Man" Hart
  • Angel
  • Graveyard Symphony
  • Sexy Boy
    Shawn Michaels
  • With My Baby Tonight
    Double J Jeff Jarrett

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    "Full Metal-The Album"

    The WWF (or The World Wrestling Federation as it was called) in 1995, started releasing CDs with theme songs from their popular wrestlers. By 1995, Wrestling was still good in a sense, with wrestlers such as Bret "The Hit Man" Hart, The Underatker, and Shawn Michaels. As each wrestler made their entrace for a match, their theme music would be heard, and as you kept hearing their themes, their music would be as popular as the wrestler themselves. With the exception of the first two songs (by The WWF Superstars & Slam Jam -- which featured musicians from bands Type-O-Negative, Pro-Pain, Such A Surge, Overkill, Savagtage, and Anthrax), the theme songs for each wrestler I'm sure are very recognizable for the true wrestling fan.

    "Diesel Blues" (Diesel) -- his theme music has a blues style, but if anyone who followed wrestling will know that Diesel would be more famous as Kevin Nash, and his involvement with the nWo with Scott Hall (Razor Ramon) and later with Hollywood Hulk Hogan. The 1-2-3 Kid ("1-2-3") was another wrestler would also be involved briefly in the nWo.

    King Mabel's "The Lyin' King" (The Lion King -- get it?) was a wrestler I vaguely remember. Goldust ("Goldust" -- his character mostly as a homosexual perverse nature, but in reality, for those who followed another popular wrestling federation, the WCW (World Class Wrestling), Goldust was portrayed by Dustin Rhodes, son of popular wrestler Dusty Rhodes. Billy and Bart Gunn were The Smokin' Gunns, a popular tag team duo, as their name and their appearance staged the western look, yet their theme song sounded more familiar with the more popular music, as in the TV theme for Miami Vice.

    Psycho Sid ("Psycho-Dance") -- his apperance and wrestling style was destructive, just as his name states, his theme song was eerie and scary, again just as the Psycho Sid name implies. Razor Ramon (Scott Hall), the greasy, disgusting, toothpick from his mouth ready to flick at his opponents, turned out to be even more bizarre in real life, as his drinking problem would cause problems for his disappearances from wrestling, and the nWo. (Kevin Nash is currently in TNA Wrestling (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling), where Scott Hall pretty much disappeared from the wrestling spotlight.)

    Bret "The Hit Man" Hart would truly be one of the greatest wrestlers to play the sport. As much as he was a great wrestler, his involvment with the owner of WWF Vince McMahon would end in a bitter feud, and his brother Owen, died in an accident before a major wrestling event. (As Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon's feud would cause Hogan to leave the WWF when he did, it was a surprise when Hogan did come back many years later, only to be embarrassed to leave again when he portrayed a "Captain America" character.)

    The Japanese wrestler Hakushi I vaugely remember, as is music was mysterious as most Japanese wrestlers were. The Undertaker would to be one of the WWF's most popular figures, as well as his music would be eerie, yet cool. As much of a dedicated wrestling fan as I was back in the years when Hulk Hogan was and the rest, in the later decades, today's wrestling just isn't as good as it used to be, and when I tune in on occasions, The Undertaker is still "burying" his oppenents. Likewise another wrestler who is still performing today, is Shaun Michaels. His theme song, "Sexy Boy" has always been energetic and exciting as his wrestling moves. Double J Jeff Jarrett was a riot with his guitar smashing on his oppenents' heads (which another wrestler, The Honkytonk Man did), and his out of control behavior. Today, Jarrett is currently in TNA wrestling, and I believe his is co-owner with a former popular wrestling manager, Jimmy Hart.

    WWF's Full Metal-The Album is for the wrestling theme song collectors. The WWF continued releasing future albums with popular wrestler themes of the day, and would also change their name to the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Wrestling today is based more on the entertainment value, rather than concentrating on the wrestling sport itself. Gone are the days where you would watch good honest wrestling; it is more like watching a pornography event, and the interviews are becoming more attentive than the wrestling matches. When I watch wrestling today, I just can't seem to watch the entire show without saying "those were good wrestling MATCHES." And in recent years, there has been so many wrestling deaths, due to steroid abuse and personal problems -- most recently is the suicide deaths of Chris Benoit and his wife and child.

    The theme music of various wrestlers are good in their own sense. The wrestling style maybe gone, but like everything else, whether it's good or bad, the music still lives on.

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